Do Not Ignore a Leak at Your Home

Do Not Ignore a Leak at Your Home

Do Not Ignore a Leak at Your Home

A lot of families do not appreciate just how much time and money they can save when they watch for, and take care of, small plumbing issues before they become large problems. Leaks like a dripping tap cost very little to fix. But if the tap has been dripping for a long time, then there is the potential for other problems to have occurred. Plumbing maintenance is seen by many as something to avoid, as it costs money to call in a professional plumber. But the cost of maintenance is lower than major repairs or replacements. If you suspect you have a leak, or you have done a test and confirmed there is a leak somewhere, then you should call in a licensed plumber. There is some investigative work you can do though outlined below.

Inside the property

When looking inside your home;

  • Look around the kitchen, bathroom and where you do the laundry checking for leaking machines, dishwasher connections not tightened or taps that are dripping. It could be you just need a simple tap replacement but a plumber will know for sure.
  • Check the walls for damp patches.
  • Check your toilet cistern by putting some food colouring in the tank and then do not flush look to see if any colour is leaching into the bowl. If there is some colour coming through this means you have a leak.
  • Go where your hot water system is and check around it.

When looking outside the home;

  • Check that your outside tap and hose are not dripping. 
  • Check any irrigation system or any sprinklers you have as this is a place you can lose a lot of water and it can cost a lot of money.
  • Also, look at any exposed pipes.
  • Check outside sections of any air conditioning unit you have, plumbing maintenance is not just important on the inside of the home.
  • Look for damp bricks when there has been no rain, or puddles on the lawn.

Common causes of leaks

There are many things inside and outside that can cause a leak but a few common ones include;

  1. Tree roots
  2. Corrosion
  3. Extreme temperatures
  4. Ageing plumbing
  5. Harsh chemicals
  6. Faulty appliances
  7. Fixtures that are worn down
  8. Damage from construction work nearby

Even the smallest of leaks can waste much more water than you might think. The average home wastes around 16,000L a day! If you have just one dripping tap that can be a waste of around 20 L a day. 

Only use a licensed plumber

It is illegal in Australia to do pretty much anything that involves your plumbing and that’s why you have licensed plumbers Perth to do the job for you. There are safety issues to consider, and because work not done by a licensed and qualified plumber is more likely to be incorrectly performed. There are also a lot of rules and laws about standards of work and materials. If you or someone else unlicensed does DIY work on your property, it is against the law and would not pass any kind of inspection. Whether you need a tap replacement, a bigger installation, or you have a leak somewhere, call in a licensed and reputable plumber to handle it.

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