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Victorian School Holidays in 2019

Today's Date: 1st June 2020

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Here’s our handy reference guide for Victorian school holidays in 2019.  Whether you’re planning a holiday with kids, looking to avoid the crowds, these can have an impact on when you decide to go away, we all need to know when school’s out!

Note that the dates below represent official term dates however you should always check with your local school for the dates specific to you.

Make holiday transition to the new VIC school term easier

Routines are important for children. Getting back into the learning routine after the school holidays can be hard, so school holiday tutoring may make the transition to the new VIC school term an easy one.

When are Victorian (VIC) school holidays in 2019?

  • VIC April school holidays - 06-Apr-19 to 22-Apr-19
  • VIC Jun school holidays - 29-Jun-19 to 14-Jul-19
  • VIC Sep school holidays - 21-Sep-19 to 06-Oct-19
  • VIC Dec school holidays - 21-Dec-19 to 28-Jan-20

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Victorian School Exam Days in 2019

Back To School Tips For Victorian Mums

School Holiday Activities Ideas For You


  • Visit The Museum
    • Melbourne Museum
  • Visit The Art Gallery
    • NGV Melbourne


  • Make Cupcakes
  • Do Some Gardening
  • Make Pizzas
  • Take A Picnic
  • See A Movie
  • Learn To Say Hi In New Languages


  • Visit The Zoo
    • Melbourne Zoo
  • Visit An Animal Farm
  • Visit Aquarium
    • SEA LIFE Melbourne


  • Go Swimming
  • Learn To Dance
  • Go Bowling
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Start Planning

School term and holiday dates in Victoria can have an impact on when you decide to go away, and how much everything (including accomodations, flight tickets and airport parking) can cost.

Planning Holidays With Your Kids

Getting your children to involve in planning the school holiday can get them interested and excited! When you get your kid's input you make sure that everyone have fun and enjoy the holiday.

You could also get some books from the library or find some websites about the places you’re going. By doing that, your children can look at pictures and tell you what looks like fun.

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