The Minions is making a limited-time appearance at McDonald’s
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The Minions is making a limited-time appearance at McDonald’s

The Minions is making a limited-time appearance at McDonald’s

“Despicable Me 4” will be released on June 20th! The Minions will be making a limited-time appearance at McDonald’s, introducing a series of banana-themed desserts! The Minions are also featured in the Happy Meal. Each meal includes a choice of a toy or an activity book! The long-awaited banana series is finally here! We came […]

Da Vinci Exhibition in Melbourne

The LUME Museum is a place we visit several times a year. Recently, we discovered their latest experience: a Da Vinci-themed exhibition, featuring the legendary master’s original manuscripts and sketches displayed for the first time in Australia. The LUME’s exhibition includes his explorations in anatomy, engineering, flight, and hydraulic systems. We’ve always known Da Vinci […]

Spotting the Minions in Sydney

Yesterday, we saw on Instagram that Minion statues have appeared not only in Brisbane but also in Sydney! So today, we followed the clues to find them, as their locations are relatively hidden. Also the latest Minions movie is about to be released, and several Minions have appeared in Sydney. Cute big-eyed characters, go check […]

The Grounds’ New Seasonal Theme – The Grounds Circus 

Sydney’s top themed restaurant, The Grounds, presents its latest May theme: the circus! This time, the decorations are quite heartfelt, with various carousel horses, lions, tigers, and giraffes, all brought in. It’s a great place to bring kids to play! Our kid says he loves it. The seasonal menu has also been updated. We recommend […]

The LEGO art exhibition has come to Melbourne – Art of the Brick 

Art of The Brick is an immersive experience featuring sculptures built from LEGO bricks. This traveling exhibition has attracted over 2 million visitors worldwide and features more than 100 pieces! However, there aren’t many pieces brought to Melbourne. The use of lighting and projections brings out the vibrant colours of LEGO sculptures, making it quite […]

New Vintage Black & White Photo Booth Pop-Up in Collingwood

Another limited-time retro black and white photo booth in the arts district! This year’s Melbourne PHOTO 2024 International Photography Festival not only offers a plethora of photography exhibitions but also introduces this black-and-white self-service photo booth. Unlike the one at Flinders, this one is new and only accepts card payments. What we think We went […]

Sydney Easter Show Complete Guide 2024

It’s Easter Show time again! We spent the weekend fulfilling this year’s wishes with the kids. We went this weekend, and there were very few people, hardly any queues. Probably because the students haven’t started their holidays yet. Also, it’s Sunday, and the kids have school the next day! What we think Upon entering the […]

Tesselaar Flower Festival – Guide to Annual Flower Festival

The annual Tesselaar KaBloom Flower Festival is here! This floral festival is held every autumn at Tesselaar Flower Farm. Spread across five acres of gardens, over a million flowers are in full bloom, making it an absolutely family-friendly event! The festival has been running for over 60 years and has become a much-anticipated event for […]

A Colorful Journey Through the New Exhibition “JOY” at Immigration Museum

The Immigration Museum has unveiled its latest exhibition, “JOY,” which merges creativity, colour, and thematic storytelling. Seven exhibition zones have been established by artists from seven continents, collectively exploring the meaning of happiness through vibrant colours. At the entrance, there’s a colourful sharing wall where visitors can contribute by sharing what brings them joy! What […]