SA School Holidays 2022
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SA School Holidays 2022

SA School Holidays in 2022

Get ready to plan your 2022 vacations with SA School Holidays! From local events to family-oriented activities, there’s plenty of exciting and memorable things to do this year. Check out our comprehensive list for dates, events, and activities that you must take advantage of during the school holidays.

Check the key dates below to find out when does school start and finish for each school terms in SA in 2022.

What dates are SA School Holidays in 2022

School HolidaysStartsFinishes
First Day of School31 Jan 2022
Term 1 Holidays (Autumn)15 Apr 2022
1 May 2022
Term 2 Holidays (Winter)9 Jul 2022
24 Jul 2022
Term 3 Holidays (Spring)1 Oct 2022
16 Oct 2022
Term 4 Holidays (Summer)17 Dec 2022
29 Jan 2023

SA School Terms in 2022

 Term 1Term 2Term 3Term 4
202231 January to
14 April
2 May to
8 July
25 July to
30 September
17 October to
16 December

Here’s our handy reference guide for SA school holidays in 2022.  Whether you’re planning a holiday with kids, looking to avoid the crowds, these can have an impact on when you decide to go away, we all need to know when school’s out!

Note that the dates below represent official term dates however you should always check with your local school for the dates specific to you.

How to keep your kids entertained during school holidays

  • Beaches: If you live close to the coast why not take the kids to the beach for the day!
  • Parks: Most towns are cities are full of parks and spaces for kids to play
  • Libraries: The weekly story time and rhyme time sessions at local libraries are often not on during school holidays but they will be replaced by activity sessions for school aged children. Check out your local council or library website for more details
  • Shopping centres: Your local shopping centres often put on some free school holiday entertainment
  • Swimming pools: Kids love swimming! Find out the opening times of your local pool
  • Art, drama, cooking classes: Sport courses aren’t the only way to acquire a new skill during the school holidays. You can also enrol your child in an art, drama or cooking class

How to help your kids refresh before school starts again

  • Go out less: This is very important, because going out too often will drain energy levels below what we are trying to replace.
  • Limit screen time
  • Read together: You can read books together as a family every day

Term One Tips

This is a very important term as this is when the children start school. Yes it’s time for your munchkins to get of bed and get motivated and go to that place they call school. This is probably the busiest school term of the year.

– So normally in the January school holidays it’s time to get ready for school.

– Yes, all the school supplies have to be bought.

– Normally schools will send out a list of what parents need to get. It’s always best to be prepared for that first day of term one to make it less stressful.

– Also in the January school holidays falls Australia Day so if your planning a barbeque with friends it’s best to organise it a couple of weeks beforehand.I heard that pouring beer on sausages gives them more flavour!

– There’s also plenty of festivals to go to as well if you feel like venturing out.

– Make sure you take a hat and sunscreen as you don’t want to come back as red as a tomato!

– If you want to plan an Easter get away now is the time to do it as well as a lot of stuff gets booked out in advance for the Easter long weekend.

Term Two Tips

In the April school holidays a lot of councils and a lot of different places have school holiday activities. Some are free and some are paid.

– There are really some great programs that the Museums and Galleries do for children.

– A lot of shopping centres also do activities for children as well.

– April is also the time for Easter! Chocolate time! But we can’t forget the religious significance of Easter as well when Jesus died on the cross.

– If you are planning to spend Easter with family make sure you plan it well beforehand otherwise there are bound to be disagreements in plans.

– We also can’t forget another really important date in April and that’s Anzac Day. Lest We Forget.

– There are plenty of children’s activities to do on Anzac Day and you could even take them to an Anzac Day March if there is one on.

Term Three Tips

In the June and July school holidays it is normally very cold so movies in bed with a cup of hot cocoa would be nice to warm you up.

– Even checking out the snow would be great as it’s snow time in Victoria in these months. Do you want to build a snowman?

– Also this is the time to book your Christmas holiday. Six months in advance would probably be the best as again a lot of stuff gets booked out well in advance.

– So many places to go. Do you want to stay in South Australia SA or travel interstate or travel overseas? So many decisions.

– Again there would be heaps of school holiday activities in Winter to do. There would be Winter festivals to go to.

– If you are planning to do a big Christmas as well, it would be best to start planning Christmas at this time as well to make it stress free.

Term Four Tips

Again like Term one this is also a big term when everything is getting finished off for the school year.

– You can start finalising Christmas plans in the September and October school holidays.

– Also planning for New Year’s Eve is another big one. Some people have a quiet New Year’s Eve and some people like a big one.

– There are plenty of children’s festivals that do activities on New Years Eve.

– Camping is another great activity to do at this time of year because it’s not too hot or cold.

– I think it’s also great to include the children if they are old enough to plan school holidays. It teaches them planning skills and how to organise things.

So there you have it, how to own the school holidays this year!

SA School Holidays 2022

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