Victorian School Holidays and School Term Dates in 2024
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Victorian School Holidays and School Term Dates in 2024

Information reviewed and edited by Isabella K. (qualified high school teacher)

Get ready to plan your 2024 vacations with VIC School Holidays guide! Check the key dates below to find out when does school start and finish for each school terms in VIC in 2024.

2024 Victorian School Holidays

School HolidaysStartsFinishes
First Day of School30 Jan 2024
Term 1 Holidays (Autumn)29 Mar 2024
14 Apr 2024
Term 2 Holidays (Winter)29 Jun 2024
14 Jul 2024
Term 3 Holidays (Spring)21 Sep 2024
6 Oct 2024
Term 4 Holidays (Summer)21 Dec 2024
28 Jan 2025

Bookmark this page and keep up-to-date with all the latest school holiday and term dates for Victorian schools.

VIC School holiday Calendar 2024 -

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2024 Victorian Term Dates

2024Start dateFinish date
Term 129 January (students start 30 January in government schools)28 March
Term 215 April28 June
Term 315 July20 September
Term 47 October20 December

Note that the dates below represent official term dates however you should always check with your local school for the dates specific to you.

Checklist for planning your kid’s school holidays (Printable)

School holiday planning checklist -

Public Holidays in Victoria in 2024

1 JanMonNew Year’s Day
26 JanFriAustralia Day
11 MarMonLabour Day
29 MarFriGood Friday
30 MarSatDay following Good Friday
31 MarSunEaster Sunday
1 AprMonEaster Monday
25 AprThuAnzac Day
10 JunMonQueen’s Birthday
TBA AFL Grand Final Friday
5 NovTueMelbourne Cup Day *
25 DecWedChristmas Day
26 DecThuBoxing Day

How to Transform Public Holidays into Super Long Weekends in VIC in 2024

To maximise your time off and create an extended weekend by combining annual leave with weekends and public holidays, we’ve prepared a guide to help you make the most of your annual leave allocation efficiently. Here are some smart strategies to consider.

Long weekend in Jan 2024 (9 days from 20 Jan to 28 Jan)

DateTake Leave?Public Holiday/Weekend
Saturday, 20 January Weekend
Sunday, 21 January Weekend
Monday, 22 JanuaryTake Leave 
Tuesday, 23 JanuaryTake Leave 
Wednesday, 24 JanuaryTake Leave 
Thursday, 25 JanuaryTake Leave 
Friday, 26 January Public Holiday – Australia Day
Saturday, 27 January Weekend
Sunday, 28 January Weekend
TotalsDays of annual leave: 4
Total Days Off and Days of Annual Leave: 9

Long weekend in Mar and Apr 2024 (10 days from 29 Mar to 7 Apr)

DateTake Leave?Public Holiday/Weekend
Friday, 29 March Public Holiday – Good Friday
Saturday, 30 March Weekend
Sunday, 31 March Weekend
Monday, 1 April Public Holiday – Easter Monday
Tuesday, 2 AprilTake Leave 
Wednesday, 3 AprilTake Leave 
Thursday, 4 AprilTake Leave 
Friday, 5 AprilTake Leave 
Saturday, 6 April Weekend
Sunday, 7 April Weekend
TotalsDays of annual leave: 4
Total Days Off and Days of Annual Leave: 10

Long weekend in Nov 2024 (9 days from 2 Nov to 10 Nov)

DateTake Leave?Public Holiday/Weekend
Saturday, 2 November Weekend
Sunday, 3 November Weekend
Monday, 4 NovemberTake Leave 
Tuesday, 5 November  Public Holiday – Melbourne Cup Day
Wednesday, 6 NovemberTake Leave 
Thursday, 7 November Take Leave 
Friday, 8 NovemberTake Leave 
Saturday, 9 November Weekend
Sunday, 10 November Weekend
TotalsDays of Annual leave: 4
Total Days Off and Days of Annual Leave: 9

Long weekend in Dec 2024 (12 days from 21 Dec to 1 Jan)

DateTake Leave?Public Holiday/Weekend
Saturday, 21 December Weekend
Sunday, 22 December Weekend
Monday, 23 DecemberTake Leave 
Tuesday, 24 DecemberTake Leave 
Wednesday, 25 December Public Holiday – Christmas Day
Thursday, 26 December Public Holiday – Boxing Day
Friday, 27 DecemberTake Leave 
Saturday, 28 December Weekend
Sunday, 29 December Weekend
Monday, 30 DecemberTake Leave 
Tuesday, 31 DecemberTake Leave 
Wednesday, 1 January Public Holiday – New Year’s Day
TotalsDays of annual leave: 5
Total Days Off and Days of Annual Leave: 12

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Here’s our handy reference guide for Victorian school holidays in 2024.  Whether you’re planning a holiday with kids, looking to avoid the crowds, these can have an impact on when you decide to go away, we all need to know when school’s out!

Our Top tips for saving money when booking a holiday

Booking in advance can often help save money when it comes to travel. Here are some general guidelines:

Travel TypeRecommended Booking Lead Time (To Save Money)
Domestic Flights1-3 months
International Flights2-8 months
Peak Season FlightsCloser to 6-8 months
Midweek Travel (Flights)Consider Tuesdays or Wednesdays
Hotels1-3 months
Vacation RentalsSeveral months
Hostels/Budget AccommodationsFew weeks to a month
Peak Season/Special Events (Accommodations)Book well in advance

School Holidays in Other States

Victorian School Holidays 2024

What To Do in Each School Term

Term One – Tips

This is a very important term as this is when the children start school. Yes, it’s time for your children to get motivated and go to school. This is probably the busiest school term of the year.
– Normally in the January school holidays it’s time to get ready for school.
– All the school supplies have to be bought.
– Normally schools will send out a list of what parents need to get. It’s always best to be prepared for that first day of term one to make it less stressful.
– Also in the January school holidays falls Australia Day so if you are planning a barbeque with friends it’s best to organise it a couple of weeks beforehand.
– There are also plenty of festivals to go to as well if you feel like venturing out.
– Make sure that you take a hat and sunscreen as you don’t want to come back as red as a tomato!
– If you want to plan an Easter getaway now is the time to do it as well as a lot of stuff gets booked out in advance for the Easter long weekend.

Term Two – Tips

In the April school holidays, a lot of councils and a lot of different places have school holiday activities. Some are free and some are paid.
– There are really some great programs that the museums and galleries do for children.
– A lot of shopping centres also offer activities for children as well.
– April is also the time for Easter! Chocolate time! But we can’t forget the religious significance for many faiths of Easter as well!
– If you are planning to spend Easter with family make sure you plan it well beforehand otherwise there are bound to be disagreements in plans.
– We also can’t forget another really important date in April and that’s Anzac Day. Lest We Forget.
– There are plenty of children’s activities to do on Anzac Day and you could even take them to an Anzac Day March if there is one on.

Term Three – Tips

In the June and July school holidays, it is normally very cold so movies in bed with a cup of warm milk would be nice to warm you up.
– Even checking out the snow would be great as it’s snow time in Victoria in these months. Do you want to build a snowman?
– Also this is the time to book your Christmas holiday. Six months in advance would probably be the best as again a lot of stuff gets booked out well in advance.
– So many places to go. Do you want to stay in Victoria or travel interstate or travel overseas? So many decisions to make.
– Again there would be heaps of school holiday activities in Winter to do. There would be Winter festivals to go to.
– If you are planning to do a big Christmas as well, it would be best to start planning Christmas at this time as well, to make it stress free.

Term Four – Tips

Again like Term one this is also a big term when everything is getting finished off for the school year.
– You can start finalising Christmas plans in the September and October school holidays.
– Also planning for New Year’s Eve is another big one. Some people have a quiet New Year’s Eve and some people like a big one.
– There are plenty of children’s festivals that do activities on New Years Eve.
– Camping is another great activity to do at this time of year because it’s not too hot or cold.
– I think it’s also great to include the children if they are old enough to plan school holidays. It teaches them planning skills and how to organise things.

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