Getting your kids to wear masks



Getting your kids to wear masks

Many parents are uncertain about how to get their kids to wear masks, what kind of mask they should be buying and how to wash them safely. In Australia, any child under 12 does not have to wear a mask. Children under two years should not be wearing one as they have a higher risk […]

Jamie’s Ministry of Food Australia has online cooking classes running all over Australia these school holidays!

Perfect for ages 12+ to join in and learn some of Jamie Oliver’s famous recipes, the classes are delivered via live video chat. Professional food trainers teach participants knife skills and techniques to make it simpler and quicker to cook delicious meals on a budget. It’s easy to join in – all you need is […]

MUSIC is essential to the human experience.

To music is to be human. From the moment we are born we use music to communicate and as ameans of self-regulation. Lying alone in our cots we ‘coo’ and vocalise, ‘singing’ to ourselves as ameans of exploration and discovery. Sadly though, over the generations we have stopped being producers of music and becomeconsumers – […]

Choosing the right insurance for yourself and your family

Choosing the best for yourself and your family Making big decisions such as purchasing your first home, changing careers or getting health insurance can be scary and you might even be hesitant to choose until you’re entirely sure. With many brands and information available on the internet, it’s difficult to know where to start.  Tools […]

Holiday Season Teeth Tips For Kids

With kids out of school, it’s very likely that kids’ll be increasing their sugar intake so maintaining an oral health routine is more important than ever! Keep an eye out on the sugary treats! Sugary Drinks – too much sugar will damage to our health and can cause cavities! Don’t forget even sugar-free diet sodas […]

What are the benefits of online learning?

In the classroom kids can get the benefit of interacting with their teacher and with other students. Online learning has its distinct advantages too. Online learning can help children to improve their education activities and get familiar with the technology at the same time! There are several ways that online learning can enhance the learning […]

Setting up study space for kids

Are you having trouble getting your kids to do their homework? Sometimes the easiest way to tackle this is to create an effective study space for your kids. It will promote a productive but yet comfortable learning environment for your kids so they can stay motivated and focussed on their homework. Your kids might need to do lots of […]