5 Best Family-Friendly Beaches on the Gold Coast



5 Best Family-Friendly Beaches on the Gold Coast

If you’re dreaming of a perfect day out by the ocean with your kids, we’ve got you covered. Dive into our handpicked selection of the Gold Coast’s most kid-friendly beaches, where the sand is soft, the waters are calm, and the fun never stops. From playground adventures to the perfect spots for a family picnic, […]

Dinos Alive – Melbourne Dinosaur Exhibition

Recently, a few friends have taken their kids to see the dinosaur exhibition and all said it was very interesting. So, it’s a must to arrange for our kid who loves dinosaurs. Dinos Alive – The experience When entering the exhibition, our kid curiously looked at the entrance to the dinosaur exhibition where you could […]

Marshmallow Laser Feast at Melbourne ACMI

Where to go this weekend in Melbourne? Don’t miss the laser show! It’s not just a feast of lights and electronics; it’s more like a healing journey. Flowing light simulates the growth of trees, black holes, the universe, it’s like entering another parallel world! Today, we brought our daughter to see the “Marshmallow Laser Feast: […]

Half Moon Bay in Australia – Is it worth a visit?

Half Moon Bay is really beautiful! We actually didn’t expect such beauty around Melbourne, and it’s great for photography too! Every shot is like a masterpiece, there is no need for your instagram filters! The overall landscape is actually quite similar to the Twelve Apostles on the Great Ocean Road, with a bit of a […]

Hillview Farmstay – Glamping and Things to Do

Because we’re vacationing in Canberra, I discovered this hidden gem farm nearby – Hillview Farmstay. It’s a bit far from Sydney, about a four-and-a-half-hour drive, but closer to Canberra, around a half-hour drive from Wagga Wagga. There are two or three types of unique tents available, and those who prefer houses can also choose not […]

Primary School Camp Packing Checklist

What do Australian primary school students bring for camping? In private schools, camping usually begins in the third grade, while in public schools, it’s mostly in the fifth grade. Our kid has has two camps this year, each typically lasting three days. It’s a great opportunity for exercise, being away from parents, living independently, packing […]

Best Things to Do with Kids in Gosford

Just an hour’s drive from Sydney, GOSFORD is perfect for a day trip! Gosford is a place we’ve been taking our kids to quite often in the past year. It’s like a fairly large town with everything you could need. The downside is that on Sundays, everything is closed except for a few restaurants, so […]

The Grounds – Mexican Fiesta

This time coincidentally caught The Grounds with a new theme. Now you need to dine here to take photos, or you can also grab a cup of coffee. There happens to be an inflatable castle for kids to play in. You can pre-book this jumping castle online or walk in; the kids are quite happy […]

Byron Bay – Solar-Powered Vintage Train

After visiting The Farm, we took a ride on the Byron Bay Train. It still has a bit of a retro and nostalgic vibe. The whole journey takes about ten minutes or so. Mainly, it’s just for snapping some photos! The scenery along the way is also excellent! The entire train is like an antique, […]

Australia’s 2024 Public Holiday Guide

If you’re in Australia or planning to go there, do you know when the promotion and discount seasons are? When is the cheapest time to buy everyday items? What are the discount websites in Australia? We’ve compiled the most detailed list of Australian holidays and marketing festival calendars. With this list, you’ll know when it’s […]