The Darling Harbour Ice Rink is Back

The Darling Harbour Ice Rink is Back

The Darling Harbour Ice Rink is Back

There’s a new spot to take the kids for some fun during the school holidays! The Darling Harbour ice rink is back.

The ice rink is located right in front of the IMAX Theatre.

  • Open from today until July 21st.
  • Open daily from 10 AM to 9 PM.
  • Ticket prices: Adults $27 / Children $20 / Ages 2-4 $15 (including skate rental).
  • You can rent a little penguin for $10 if you’re afraid of falling.
  • If you didn’t bring socks, you can buy them on-site for $5 per pair (strongly recommended to wear socks! The skates can be quite wet inside).

Tickets can be purchased online (, but the website crashed this morning, so we bought them on-site.

Each session starts on the hour and lasts for 45 minutes. It’s recommended to arrive 15-30 minutes early to fill out forms and queue for skates.

For parents bringing kids, it’s best to know your kid’s size beforehand because there are no size charts or measuring tools on-site.

You can skate even in the rain, but you can also reschedule; refunds are available for extreme weather.

Next to the ice rink are two outdoor playgrounds! One is newly built and recently opened, offering more challenges and fun for kids to play repeatedly. You can easily spend an entire day at Darling Harbour during the school holidays.

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