Exploring the Pink Lakes of Western Australia: A Travel Guide

Exploring the Pink Lakes of Western Australia: A Travel Guide

pink lakes western australia

Have you ever heard of a pink lake? Yes, you read that right! A lake that is actually pink! We was skeptical at first too, but when we heard about the pink lake in Western Australia, we knew e had to see it for ourselves!

The Pinkest Lake in WA

Hutt Lagoon is located approximately 520 kilometres north of Perth in Western Australia. It’s one of the pinkest among the famous pink lakes in Western Australia. The once-famous Pink Lake located in the southern town of Esperance has now completely turned white, which is quite unfortunate.

Throughout the year, Hutt Lagoon can showcase different colours. we visited it in September last year when the rainy season had just passed, and the water level was high. The lake appeared intensely pink to the naked eye, resembling a giant pink spectacle.

Hutt Lagoon Pink Lake

Australia’s Perth and its surrounding attractions offer amazing experiences with fewer crowds and no time difference, making it an excellent travel destination. Among these attractions, Hutt Lagoon, also known as the Pink Lake, is a famous pink salt lake located in Western Australia. It is one of the region’s most renowned tourist spots.

The lake’s water appears pink due to its extremely high salt content, and under the influence of high temperatures and sunlight, large quantities of red beta-carotene from algae accumulate in the water, causing it to display a vibrant red colour. It was the place we wanted to visit the most this time, and fortunately, we had excellent weather. Under clear skies, Hutt Lagoon was incredibly and dreamily pink!

Some tips for visiting the pink lake

Best Time: Hutt Lagoon can be visited year-round, but during the summer, it may enter a dry period. The best times are in the early morning or late afternoon. We arrived around 10 AM when there were fewer people, and the temperature was comfortable. The pink colour can be overwhelmed by the strong midday sun, making it challenging to appreciate.

Transportation: You can drive directly from Geraldton, which takes about 1 hour. Some adventurous travellers self-drive from Perth, which takes approximately 6 hours, or you can fly from Perth to Geraldton (1-hour flight) and drive an additional hour to reach the lake.

Accommodation Recommendation: There are limited accommodation options around Hutt Lagoon due to its remote location. Kalbarri and Geraldton are your best bets for staying overnight. Consider staying in a guesthouse or a hotel with laundry facilities because your clothes will inevitably accumulate a lot of salt and become stiff. Wearing flip-flops is also recommended, and you’ll need to wash and dry your stiffened clothing promptly when you return to your accommodation.

Things to Note: While visiting Hutt Lagoon, be prepared for strong winds and protect your eyes to avoid irritation from the salt and alkaline crystals. Also, the salt crystals can be quite painful if you step on them, so be mindful while taking photos to avoid scratches~

Lake Hillier Pink Lake

Firstly, you arrive at the Myrup Fly-in Estate Airport, the airport that operates flights for observing the Pink Lake. You board a propeller-driven plane for the journey. The one we flew on could accommodate up to 5 passengers, but there are now planes available that can carry up to 7 passengers.

The round trip flight takes approximately one and a half hours, including the time spent circling over the Pink Lake to observe it. As the plane takes off, it flies over plains and the ocean.

Relax and search for that pink rose in the blue sea!

Whether you’re sitting by the left or right window, don’t worry about not being able to see the Pink Lake clearly or capture beautiful photos of it. Our pilot will circle left and right over Pink Lake three times each and then perform a low-altitude flyby at about 300 meters above the lake. This ensures that every passenger on the plane gets a clear view of the Pink Lake, captures satisfying photos, and leaves with an unforgettable experience of flying over the Pink Lake.

Is the pink lake really pink?

After all, who can resist a salt lake in Barbie pink? There might be some doubts in your mind before going, fearing that the online photos might have heavy filters and that the vibrant pink colour is only visible from specific aerial angles.

However, the reality is that when you stand in front of Hutt Lagoon, you realise that the photos were indeed true, and the scenery you see with your own eyes is even more beautiful than what you capture in pictures. At noon, the clouds reflecting on the lake turn the entire body of water into the color of Alpine milk candy rich and adorable.

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