NT Public Holidays 2024
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NT Public Holidays 2024

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By strategically adjusting your vacations around public holidays, you can maximise the benefits of your annual leave!

To ensure you don’t miss out on anything important, our guide puts together a list of Northern Territory (NT) public holidays in 2024 and important dates for your calendar.

Public holidays and national days in NT in 2024

Public Holiday2024
New Year’s DayMonday 1 January
Australia DayFriday 26 January
Good FridayFriday 29 March
Easter SaturdaySaturday 30 March
Easter SundaySunday  31 March
Easter MondayMonday 1 April
Anzac DayThursday 25 April
May DayMonday 6 May
June public holidayMonday 10 June
Picnic DayMonday 5 August
Christmas Eve

part-day holiday
7pm to midnight
Tuesday 24 December
Christmas DayWednesday 25 December
Boxing DayThursday 26 December
New Year’s Evepart-day holiday
7pm to midnight
Tuesday 31 December

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How to Transform Public Holidays into Super Long Weekends in NT in 2024

To maximise your time off and create an extended weekend by combining annual leave with weekends and public holidays, we’ve prepared a guide to help you make the most of your annual leave allocation efficiently. Here are some smart strategies to consider.

Long weekend in Jan 2024 (9 days from 20 Jan to 28 Jan)

DateTake Leave?Public Holiday/Weekend
Saturday, 20 January  Weekend
Sunday, 21 January  Weekend
Monday, 22 January  Take Leave 
Tuesday, 23 January  Take Leave 
Wednesday, 24 January  Take Leave 
Thursday, 25 January  Take Leave 
Friday, 26 January  Public Holiday – Australia Day
Saturday, 27 January  Weekend
Sunday, 28 January  Weekend
TotalsDays of annual leave: 4Days off: 5
Total days off: 9

Long weekend in Mar and Apr 2024 (10 days from 29 Mar to 7 Apr)

DateTake Leave?Public Holiday/Weekend
Friday, 29 March   Public Holiday – Good Friday
Saturday, 30 March  Weekend
Sunday, 31 March  Weekend
Monday, 1 April   Public Holiday – Easter Monday
Tuesday, 2 April  Take Leave 
Wednesday, 3 April  Take Leave 
Thursday, 4 April  Take Leave 
Friday, 5 April  Take Leave 
Saturday, 6 April  Weekend
Sunday, 7 April  Weekend
TotalsDays of annual leave: 4Days off: 6
Total days off: 10

Long weekend in Aug 2024 (9 days from 3 Aug to 11 Aug)

DateTake Leave?Public Holiday/Weekend
Saturday, 3 August   Weekend
Sunday, 4 August   Weekend
Monday, 5 August   Public Holiday – Picnic Day
Tuesday, 6 August   Take Leave 
Wednesday, 7 August   Take Leave 
Thursday, 8 August   Take Leave 
Friday, 9 August   Take Leave 
Saturday, 10 August   Weekend
Sunday, 11 August   Weekend
TotalsDays of annual leave: 4Days off: 5
Total days off: 9

Long weekend in Dec 2024 (12 days from 21 Dec to 1 Jan)

DateTake Leave?Public Holiday/Weekend
Saturday, 21 December  Weekend
Sunday, 22 December  Weekend
Monday, 23 December   Take Leave 
Tuesday, 24 December   Take Leave 
Wednesday, 25 December Public Holiday – Christmas Day
Thursday, 26 December Public Holiday – Boxing Day
Friday, 27 December   Take Leave 
Saturday, 28 December   Weekend
Sunday, 29 December   Weekend
Monday, 30 December  Take Leave 
Tuesday, 31 December  Take Leave  
Wednesday, 1 January  Public Holiday – New Year’s Day
TotalsDays of annual leave: 5Days off: 7
Total days off: 12

For more information, please visit the official website.

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NT Public Holidays 2024

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