What to look for when choosing your Commercial Cleaning Company



What to look for when choosing your Commercial Cleaning Company

If you own a commercial space for your company, that requires thorough cleaning, and depends on the nature of your business. Say, for hospitals, schools, clinics and tuition centres, it would require thorough cleaning. But in case you own a consultancy firm, advertising agency, or real estate Company, cleaning will be considerable. Whatever, you will […]

2021 Back to School Tips

It’s not only the beginning of a new year for the students. It’s also a new beginning for teachers. A time to learn new skills and an opportunity to make teachers’ jobs easier. To achieve this, teachers need to more thoroughly understand their students, including how to recognise the student’s individual learning styles and how […]

9 tips to remind kids about online safety

Our children are growing up in a world where the internet is a basic essential of life. They do not view the online world as new technology like some of us do – to children it has always existed. Therefore, they don’t approach their interaction online with the caution that we might. They only see […]

Are you ready to grow your small business

Being a mum with a small business to run means that you’re going to be – super busy. At some point, as a small business owner, we must face a challenging decision – is now the time for me to hire my first staff member? Hiring your first staff sounds exciting, but at the same […]

7 Tips For Getting Your Kids to Clean Their Room

Getting a child to clean and organise their room is a battle that is waged in millions of households across the world every Saturday morning. Every mom knows how difficult it is to make a kid gather all those legos or school supplies and keep them in check. When kids get reminded of their duties, […]

Get Your Kid to Talk about What Happened at School

Formula for TRUST and COLLABORATION – 3 + 3 + 3 + 5 + 2  When a child comes home from school and shares their recollection about something that has happened during the day, the parent has the choice of three responses from which they may choose in dealing with their child’s concern. If the […]