Best hair scissors to buy

Best hair scissors to buy

Best hair scissors to buy

There is a time in the life of every parent that they just can’t make it to the salon. And for those in between moments, one must have a pair of scissors to treat oneself at home. Whether you are a parent who never finds time on her hands or simply a lazy person who doesn’t want to go out in this pandemic, cutting your or your kids’ hair at home seems the most accessible and convenient solution. But before diving further into deciding between cutting your hair right away, make sure you devise a plan. Start by watching a haircut tutorial to familiarise yourself with the techniques and equip yourself with the necessary accessories and tools. And the most essential tool that you are going to need is a pair of scissors. For finding yourself the best home scissors, you just have to look around and you will get the perfect one.

To help you out, we have come up with a list of professional hair cutting scissors or shears that will help you give your hair a professional DIY cut they deserve. So, let us get started.

  1. Fromm Explore 5.75 Inch Shears

Fromm is a high-quality brand that has helped us to get all those professional haircuts that we have dreamt of. They have never disappointed in providing the best scissors ever known made of polished mirror silver. The shears feature beveled edges and are nick-resistant and long-lasting. They are perfect for keeping if you want to give yourself a professional-looking haircut.

  1. Diane Tulip 5¾ Shear

If you are looking for a pair of scissors that are loved by every user and are budget-friendly, these shears are a solid choice. They are lightweight, easy on the wallet, and precise. And if you have thick curly hair, they are a blessing in disguise.

  1. DIYBeautyCo Professional Hair Cutting Scissor

If you are a beginner who is just starting with a simple trim, these easy-to-handle pair of scissors deserve a spot on your vanity table. These stainless-steel shears allow you to snip through the hair’s cuticle with ease and its 5.5-inch blade is perfect for you to handle. You will not regret buying these professional hair cutting scissors.

  1. Goody Stainless Steel Scissors Hair Trimming Scissors 6.6 Inches

These drugstore pairs of scissors are perfect to be used at home. Don’t let their price fool you as they are quite a sturdy pair of scissors. They have been known for many years for giving their users a smooth and professional looking haircut. Whether you want to trim your sideburns or chip off those dead ends, they are a wise option to go for.

  1. Equinox International Professional Razor Edge Series

These pair of scissors have an adjustable screw that allows you to change the tension setting according to your liking. But if you are planning on using them for the very first time, make sure to wash them with soap and water as they are coated with oil to ensure that the blade stays fresh.

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