When does Summer and Winter start in Australia?

When does Summer and Winter start in Australia?

When does Summer and Winter start in Australia

Australia has numerous beautiful tourist destinations, mostly characterised by natural landscapes. These attractions are greatly influenced by seasons and climate, so choosing the right season for your trip is crucial. Generally, Australia’s most comfortable climate is during April-May and September-October!

When does Summer start in Australia?

Summer in Australia starts from the first of December to the end of February. The Temperature is around 25 – 37ºC depending on the location.

If you are living in another country like the US, you are probably thinking about one thing – Christmas. And you are right, Christmas is celebrated in Summer in Australia because Australia is located in the southern hemisphere! We also wrote another full post that talks about the warm Christmas and the Aussie’s Christmas traditions.

Best and Worst Season to Visit

Western Australia

As our favourite destination, we strongly recommend against visiting in the winter months of June and July or the late summer months of January and February. The famous Pink Lake in Western Australia is hardly pink during the winter and looks just like an ordinary lake.


Cairns: We recommend visiting during the spring and autumn seasons. The high temperatures of 35 degrees Celsius in summer can be suffocating, and in winter, while the weather is comfortable, the water is cold, which can affect the diving experience.

Brisbane/Gold Coast: We discourage visiting during the summer. Experiencing roller coasters at Dream World in scorching heat feels like being roasted, similar to a duck on a stove.


We recommend going around December or early September and we would avoid visiting during the winter months of June to August. Tasmania can get very cold in winter, with most attractions and vegetation appearing barren. In September, Tasmania is still warming up, but there is a chance to see the rare Aurora Australis. By December, entering summer, when the plants are in full bloom, you can enjoy the vibrant lavender farms.


It’s a big city with all four seasons, but if you plan to visit the Great Ocean Road, be aware that it can be quite windy, so extra attention to keeping warm is necessary.


It’s a big city with a climate suitable for visiting year-round. If you have the opportunity, experiencing Christmas in Sydney is a must, as it’s a fantastic and festive experience.

When does Winter start in Australia?

Winter in Australia starts from the first of June to the end of August. The Temperature is around 14 – 28ºC depending on the location.

While many people might think Australia is all about the summer and beaches, we do in fact have snow here in Australia! So when and where you can see snow in Australia? There are plenty of places you can experience snow such as the Blue Mountains, Mt Buller and Falls Creek. While the best time to see snow in Australia is around July and August!

To make your travel planning even easier, we have also put together a detailed guide on the things (from the amazing natural hot spring to snowboarding on the snowy mountain) you can’t miss during Wintertime in Australia.

What months are Summer in Australia?

Summer is the hottest month in Australia, running roughly from December to February.

What months are Winter in Australia?

Winter is the coolest month in Australia, running roughly from June to August.

What months are Autumn in Australia?

Autumn runs roughly from March to May.

What months are Spring in Australia?

Spring runs roughly from September to November.

How Cold is Australia in the winter?

Temperature in Winter would be around 13 – 28ºC in Australia. It can go lower depending on the location.

How Hot is Australia in the Summer?

Temperature in Winter would be around 26 – 37ºC in Australia. It can go higher depending on the location.

What date does Winter Start in Australia

Winter in Australia starts on the 1st June.

What date does Summer Start in Australia

Summer in Australia starts on the 1st December.

Learn about the four seasons in Australia

SeasonMonthTemperature (Approx.)
SummerJan26 – 36ºC
SummerFeb26 – 36ºC
AutumnMar25 – 37ºC
AutumnApr22 – 36ºC
AutumnMay18 – 31ºC
WinterJun15 – 28ºC
WinterJuly13 – 28ºC
WinterAug14 – 30ºC
SpringSep16 – 33ºC
SpringOct20 – 36ºC
SpringNov22 – 36ºC
SummerDec25 – 37ºC

Weather Forecast App for travellers

When snorkelling, people often check the swell and tide to choose the best time. For example, if you want to collect sea urchins, you need a moment when the water is shallower. But if you want to go snorkelling to observe fish, you need deeper water. Standard smartphone apps typically lack these predictive features.

When the swell is high, the water can become murky, and when the tide is high, the water level rises. In some coastal areas, it may not be possible to snorkel when the water level is low. Specific conditions vary by geographical location. Remember that it can be cold when the wind is strong, and it’s important to apply sunscreen when the UV levels are high!

  1. Willy Weather: You can input the beach you plan to visit and search for predictions regarding tide, swell, and wind. This ensures that you can travel in the best weather conditions.
  2. Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) Official App: The BOM app, Australia’s official weather service, provides more official data and more accurate precipitation forecasts.
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