Top 3 Ways to Get Children Outdoors

With the school holidays upon us, it’s important to find healthy ways to spend the time off, especially for kids.

Home doctors recommend at least 30 minutes of heart rate elevating exercise every day for adults, and even more for growing kids; however, that has become increasingly difficult thanks to the lure of modern technology.

With screen time dominating children’s lives in this technological day and age, getting children outside for some old-school fun is as difficult as ever.

According to the home doctor team at House Call Doctor, kids should spend on average three hours outside every day. Here are the top three ways to get children enjoying the outdoors:

1). Have designated and unplugged family-time outside

Family-time is a staple in households, however the traditional shared family meal or board game is becoming increasingly less common because of technology.

By having designated family-time outside, in the yard or at a nearby park for example, your kids can become more comfortable outdoors.

Designating even just an hour to time outdoors as a family, with no technology whatsoever, can allow you to bond with your children in a different way. It gives them a chance to learn new things while having an appreciation for this time spent in nature.

2). Enrol your children in an outdoor activity

After-school activities are the easiest way to make sure your kids spend time outside. Many schools and organisations offer holiday camps where they focus on getting kids into the outdoors and staying active.

There’s an outdoor activity for every type of child, not necessarily just the sporty ones. Of course, you can enrol your kids in all kinds of sports and physical activities, but you could also involve your child in local youth groups or clubs such as Scouts or Girl Guides which teach different outdoor skills.

Studies show being outdoors in the sun improves bone and muscle strength, contributes to cognitive and social development, and increases attention spans.

Doctors also say the outdoors provides kids and adults with much needed Vitamin D. Around 23 per cent of Australians suffer vitamin D deficiency which can lead to soft and deformed bones.

3). Explore new areas with your kids

Exploring new areas, whether that be finding a new local park or taking your kids to the coast for the day, can be a fun and exciting adventure for the whole family.

This combines both a positive outdoor experience for kids and great family time for adults. The team at House Call Doctor says keeping kids stimulated with new experiences allows them to develop and grow both physically and psychologically.

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