How can I find someone to tutor my kids?

How can I find someone to tutor my kids?

How can I find someone to tutor my kids?

Many might think school holiday is the perfect time to relax, however to ensure that your kids remain sharp and focused it might be a good idea for your kids to spend some time to learn and revise! If your kids spend most of their holiday time playing video games, watching TV, hanging out with friends then it can become very hard for them to maintain the knowledge that they acquired and also hard to catch up the next school term which could result in a decline in their performance.

Benefits of holiday tuition

When your kids take part in holiday tuition, they can have some guidance on how they should be spending their time – to learn and catch up with their school works. When your kids are not in school, it is easy for them to lose track of time. Holiday tuition can help them with their time management as well as give them a structure to follow.

How can I find someone to tutor?

In the past, we find local tutors in our local papers or notice board. Now we can easily find a tutor online. There are many online platforms that connects tutors, parents and students. These platform are fairly easy to use, you just type in your suburb or postcode, choose a subject then it will give you a list of private tutors or tutoring centres available in your local area. You can then read their profile, hourly rate and reviews. On some platforms, you can even chat with the tutor online via messaging tool before you make your decision.

Tutors Field (

Tutors Field is one of the largest tutoring platforms in Australia. They have 9,000+ registered tutors as well as music teachers who are ready to help your kids.

Areas covered: All subjects (high school as well as University level), musical instruments (piano, guitar, violin to even sining lessons are also available), languages (Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, French and many other languages, taught by language teachers or native speakers)

Advantages: Easy location subject search, hundreds of student reviews, filter by gender, view full tutor profile and qualifications, tutors have been reviewed before their profile can go live which gives student a peace of mind.

Additional benefits: Find tutoring discounts (as tutors can advertise their deals and offers), online messaging tool (you can ask tutors as many questions as you like before you book in a lesson)

Online tutoring also available (some tutors will offer their lessons online via zoom or other technology)

Cost: Free for students, good tutors are always high in demand and hard to book, Tutors Field allows student can book online to reserve their lesson by booking online, there is a $25 booking fee but this fee is deduced from your first lesson fee which means it is in fact no additional cost to students.

Other platforms to find a tutor

There are some other platforms you can use to find a tutor. Our team has put together a list for you!

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