Diving into Wizardry – Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience in Melbourne

Diving into Wizardry – Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience in Melbourne

Diving into Wizardry - Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience in Melbourne

Since booking the tickets last year, we’ve been incredibly excited about this Forbidden Forest journey! This week we headed straight to experience the thrill of the Forbidden Forest Tour of Harry Potter! There are so many magical interactive experiences to enjoy on-site.

What we think

It’s suggested to arrive 15 minutes early. It takes about 5 minutes to walk from the parking lot to the entrance. Before officially entering the Forbidden Forest, you can take photos at the entrance and engage in some interactive magic! If time is tight, you can experience it again after leaving the forest.

The entire Forbidden Forest is built within a forest trail and is very easy to navigate.

It starts with a small cabin guarded by Hagrid. Gradually unravel various magical creatures inside the mysterious Forbidden Forest. And various secret stories that happened inside this Forbidden Forest. Even recreating the scene where Harry summoned his Patronus to battle a Dementor! You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into the Harry Potter movie series in a second!

Every so often, you can interact with the magical creatures inside the Forbidden Forest. And even encounter the flying car that Harry crashed. You can also experience the joy of summoning your own Patronus and casting spells bare-handed!

Many areas offer the option for a wand ceremony, adding to the magical atmosphere. As a Harry Potter fan, you’ll be completely immersed and unable to extricate yourself.

Event details you should know

Multiple sessions every evening: 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm, with one session every 15 minutes. No matter how slow you walk or how detailed you want to observe, there’s no staff rushing you, so you can fully experience everything inside! However, exploring all sections and experiences might take about 2 hours!

You can also take a break and have a glass of butterbeer here!

We think the 7:00 pm session is probably the best, so when you enter, it’s already completely dark outside! And you won’t end too late and feel too tired to drive back.

Check out the souvenir shops

There are souvenir shops at the entrance and exit of the forest. Various magical creature plush toys badges and clothing scarves from the four major houses. And of course, the wands that glow on the wall! There are also peculiar candies, frog chocolates, and butterbeer! It feels like stepping out of the Forbidden Forest into Diagon Alley.

Tips getting your tickets

It’s best to buy parking tickets along with entrance tickets. Buying online in advance is cheaper. If you have props like wizard robes or wands or scarves, it’s best to bring them yourself!

Date: From April 6th, 2024, to May 19th, 2024

For more information, check out the official website here https://hpforbiddenforestexperience.com/melbourne/

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