Cat Alley in Surry Hills – McElhone Place
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Cat Alley in Surry Hills – McElhone Place

Cat Alley in Surry Hills – McElhone Place

Last time strolling around Moore Park West, we stumbled upon McElhone Place, also known as the Cat Alley! We saw a few cats the day we went! At the entrance of the alley, there’s a sign saying “Cat Crossing” which is just heartwarming! If you’re lucky, you might actually see lazy cats basking in the […]

Paint Your Own Pottery Experience in Melbourne

Pottery Workshops are so much fun! Driving almost an hour to the suburbs was totally worth it! We booked a one-hour session in advance on their website. When we arrived, the staff patiently explained everything. You can choose pottery pieces ranging from mini milk bottles to bowls and plates. The prices are very reasonable, ranging […]

7 Best Places to See Bioluminescence in Australia

Bioluminescence, a natural wonder that sounds romantic just by its name. Today, we’ve compiled these 7 viewing spots in Australia! If you have not heard about Bioluminescence, it’s a bioluminescence phenomenon involving marine plankton. These organisms emit a blue glow when disturbed by waves. When large numbers gather, they create the stunning spectacle of a […]

Watch a movie at the Sydney Drive-In Cinema

If you are in Sydney, make sure you don’t miss this special outdoor experience! It’s just like the retro American drive-in movie theaters you see in US TV shows So exciting! It costs $40 per car So it’s $40 whether you have 1-6 people in your car! Last time we went they were showing a […]

Sydney Easter Show Complete Guide 2024

It’s Easter Show time again! We spent the weekend fulfilling this year’s wishes with the kids. We went this weekend, and there were very few people, hardly any queues. Probably because the students haven’t started their holidays yet. Also, it’s Sunday, and the kids have school the next day! What we think Upon entering the […]