How do you raise a happy teens?
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How do you raise a happy teens?

How do you raise a happy teens?

The parenting journey has never been an easy one. From the first day your baby arrives, you are thrown into a world of change with no idea what’s coming next in this crazy thing called life–but don’t worry! There will always be those moments where everything feels right and whole again; they’re just few-orem kai […]

7 Fun Holiday games for kids

December is an exciting time – Christmas is in the air, the weather is warming up and everyone is gearing up for six weeks of family fun! Sure, six weeks is a great amount of time off, but in the back of your head are you thinking, sh*t! I need some entertainment ideas!!  If your […]

How can I reduce parental stress?

SURVIVAL TIPS FOR THE STRESS THAT COMES WITH PARENTHOOD There is no question that being a parent is the toughest job in the world and comes with the least recognition.  Parents are expected to play so many roles and often are feeling overwhelmed and out of their depth. The past 18 months have seen the […]

Open communication in parenting

Open communication in parenting  – by Nicky Rasmin, Parenting Coach and Mum to teens.  As parents, we have all had days when the eye rolls, stomping feet and slamming doors had spoken  louder than any words.   Some days the term ‘communication’ with teenagers can feel like an oxymoron. The grunts, the  groans, eye rolls and […]

How to capture family moments

Family moments are something wonderful. Wherever there’s family, there’s always something lively happening. Between beautiful moments and occasional catastrophes, it can be hard to have a balanced daily life. No Mum nor Dad wants to miss out on the good, as well as on the bad days they have with their children. Even though it […]

How do I stay focused working at home with kids?

If you had asked me two years ago, I would’ve said that working from home with two young children would be impossible.  But last year when the pandemic hit pretty badly here, the combination was inevitable, and it hit abruptly.   My two boys, aged four  and six were no longer in school, and hiring a […]

9 tips to remind kids about online safety

Our children are growing up in a world where the internet is a basic essential of life. They do not view the online world as new technology like some of us do – to children it has always existed. Therefore, they don’t approach their interaction online with the caution that we might. They only see […]