7 Fun Holiday games for kids

7 Fun Holiday games for kids

Holiday games for kids

December is an exciting time – Christmas is in the air, the weather is warming up and everyone is gearing up for six weeks of family fun! Sure, six weeks is a great amount of time off, but in the back of your head are you thinking, sh*t! I need some entertainment ideas!! 

If your answer to that question was yes, you’ve come to the right place. Kara from Nurch Childcare Loyalty Rewards has brainstormed some fantastically fun holiday games for your kids. 

  1. Christmas cooking

    Did you know that if you turn a gingerbread man cookie cutter upside-down it makes the shape of a reindeer? Mind blown? This simple trick is a sure fire way to bring out your kid’s inner chef.

    Head to Woolies, Coles or your local supermarket and grab some ingredients and settle in on a wet weather day for some delicious baking. If your house didn’t smell like Christmas before, it definitely will once your Reindeer’s are done! 
  1. Treasure hunt

    Ever since the first time we did an Easter egg hunt with my son, he just can’t get enough of treasure hunts! This is a great game for children of all ages and can be done on an inside or an outside day.

    Hide toys, lollies, presents… whatever you can find. If you’re looking to get technical, you could even create a drawing of a map!
  2. Amazing race

    Definitely one for the entire family to play, even at Christmas! Split into teams or the kids can play against each other. Create clues, activities and challenges for a truly amazing race. We’re talking, food challenges (like, when Macca’s used to blind fold you and make you guess what you were eating; personal fav was the french fry and soft serve combo!). Pin the red nose on Rudolph, egg and spoon race or relay, draw/paint challenge… We love to get creative and have some fun with this one!

  3. Puzzles

My daughter Ariah has loved all things analytical since she was a toddler. Puzzles are a great way for you to interact with your child to learn problem-solving and team work. My daughter loves to get started by finding all the edges and starting from there. KMart often has puzzles for $5. 

  1. ART

If your child isn’t interested in puzzles, then art or drawing is another way to have your children at your office desk with you for a few hours. Over Christmas, I get my daughter enough supplies to make all the gift tags and Christmas cards. She LOVES it. She even loves to make presents like bracelets etc. If it’s not puzzles than Art that will help your little one be entertained without a screen these holidays.

Are you familiar with Mr. Squiggle? (oh! Am I showing my age?? haha). Turn your childhood memory into their childhood memory. While Mr. Squiggle isn’t around any more, you could play the game at home with your kiddies.

  1. Park Bingo

    This game can be done in a day or played over the six weeks! But, it will take a little research. Find out the best parks in your area and use this template to enter an image and name. Print it off so your kids can play along and cross them off as you go! They could even play along with their friends and see who gets ‘bingo’ first.

    Variations: Indoor playgrounds, outdoor parks, water parks, nature playground
  2. Christmas Bauble Toss

    Set up some red cups and throw a christmas bauble into the cups. Each cup is worth a number of points. Combine that with some festive and fun tunes – and you’ve got a great family fun game!

Which one/s will you be trying these holidays? 

Psst… By the way, if you’re a Nurch Childcare Loyalty Rewards member, you can use your points to pay for any materials or ingredients for these fun games. 

Kara Smyth: Nurch Childcare Loyalty Rewards

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