What to look for when choosing your Commercial Cleaning Company

What to look for when choosing your Commercial Cleaning Company

What to look for when choosing your Commercial Cleaning Company

If you own a commercial space for your company, that requires thorough cleaning, and depends on the nature of your business. Say, for hospitals, schools, clinics and tuition centres, it would require thorough cleaning. But in case you own a consultancy firm, advertising agency, or real estate Company, cleaning will be considerable. Whatever, you will have to look for a commercial cleaning company who can do a thorough cleaning along with some value added services.

  1. Services offered:  While you talk about cleaning, it means it could be various things starting from dusting, sweeping and mopping the floors. But, for some exceptional cases it would involve washroom cleaning, garbage removing, glass pane polishing, equipment cleaning and also sanitising work. Well, you will have to check the nature of cleaning job that you require and offered by the agency. Different offices have various requirement and the nature of cleaning will be accompanied with various packages. 
  1. Survey before offering price:  Before engaging some agent for cleaning operation, you have to get a quote from them. The best option would be if somebody from the agency could come for inspection and measure the amount of job. Say for example, the window panes, the glass door and other fittings are to be measured before quoting the same. The quote given would be very much in coherence to the objects present in your space. You may ask for quotation from a number of companies and then analyse the same. Of course, you would offer your contract to somebody giving you the best price along with service. 
  1. Insurance for the employees:  The cleaning agent deals with cleaning fragile elements as well as risky jobs. The amount of employees required will be quite high, in case the agent has to handle bigger volume of job within a limited amount of time. Getting all the employees insured is a must. In case any unfortunate incident occurs, then the cost of the hospitalisation will be borne by the insurance company, and you don’t have to take the burden. Make sure that the company has insured each and every employee; that’s a must for their profession. 
  1. Tools and other supplies: A professional cleaning company will provide with all necessary tools and supplies. It’s your duty to clarify if they would bring all necessities including sanitiser, or maybe if you will be required to supply those. But it’s better if they would supply all and would charge the same from you; that will be better to pay the agency with equipment and necessities. 
  1. Yearly contract provisions:  Once you go in a long term contract with the cleaning agent, you would be able to save a lot of money. In fact, if you go for individual services, that would prove to be quite costlier in the long run. Once you go in a contract, you would have to know the number of visits and the areas they are required to clean. This would make the relation transparent and you would know how to organise a cleaning schedule. 
  1. Know their clients: While you see the profile of the company, check their credentials especially given by their existing clients. You may check with their clients and know about their services, read the reviews and check on what the existing clients has to say regarding their service. Perhaps checking with their clients could be the best way knowing their strengths as well as their weaknesses. 
  1. Experience handling similar cleaning services:  You may check with their existing clients to know about their employees, especially if they are trained with cleaning job or not. You even need to know about the various types of disinfectants, especially if they are poisonous or not.
  1. Meeting strict deadlines: It is very important to know if the company can clean the entire office within the stipulated time frame. In case, the deadline cannot be met, then it might disturb the various schedules of the company. Every business day is important and the cleaning agent should be able to finish their job in right time. 

Outsourcing the cleaning job will be the best option for any company with office space. The main agents used in cleaning job are – detergents, degreasers, abrasives and acids. These are the most common type of cleaning agents used in the job. Make sure the reagents used while cleaning the office space are safe and leaves the space spotless. 

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