Tips on Garden Care during the Australian Winter Season

Tips on Garden Care during the Australian Winter Season

Tips on Garden Care during the Australian Winter Season

The cooler weather does not mean gardening is completely out, it just changes the things you can do. As well as calling in a Sydney Arborist to do some maintenance work with the trees on your property, there are also some jobs you can do that will make you feel better and keep your garden in top condition.

Winter gardening tips

The following are just some things to get you going and get your garden ready for the winter.

  1. When the summer hot days are over the soil is pretty dry and thirsty. Autumn rains will have help soak some of the soil but in the wintertime, there is more to come. When your soil has cracking and was dry for long periods though it can actually repel water even when there have been heavier rains. This means one of your winter jobs is to make sure the water is not pooling on the surface of the soil and is soaking in. Use a soil wetting agent and you can also use additives that are seaweed-based. Remove autumn leaves on the ground so the water can get to the soil too. Put the leaves in your compost. 
  2. You can still weed into winter making sure they do not root and mature. Smaller areas can happen by hand and larger ones you can use your tiller or garden hoe to complete.     
  3. Many of us have jobs to do in the garden that we just have not gotten around to yet. The ones that were not urgent earlier on in the year and got pushed back, or perhaps are just your least favourite garden jobs! Now is the time to get that done. Maybe you have plants that are not performing as well as they should that need relocating. Maybe part of your garden path needs repairing. Maybe your shed needs tidying. Get these chores ticked off and you will feel a lot better.      
  4. Winter is time to prune any fruit trees you have so that is something you could call in your expert Sydney Arborist to help with. You might even put in some new fruit trees if you want. Certain vegetables can also be planted, such as cauliflowers and brussels sprouts. Make sure you enrich your soil using compost.      
  5. Another type of tree pruning Sydney to handle at the start of winter is your younger deciduous trees. Right now they have no leaves and that makes it easier to see their shape and find other problems early and deal with them. Other winter pruning you can do is on any hydrangea you might have on the property and your roses. When finished remember to add a layer of a seaweed-based product to boost the condition of the soil. It helps with tolerating drought, resisting attack from disease and pests and frost.     
  6. Spend some time inside making plans for Spring and the next year! Maybe you want to redesign an area, put in a vegetable patch, call in some experts to handle your tree pruning, Sydney, create more shade, attract wildlife and so on.  
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