Keeping Children Safe Around Electricity

Keeping Children Safe Around Electricity

Keeping Children Safe Around Electricity

When you are a parent it is your job to protect them from danger when they are younger and teach them to make good choices as they mature. This is true of electricity where children who are naturally curious like to play in dangerous ways, putting fingers or toys in sockets and so on. Every day children are brought to hospitals around the country because of playing where they should not and getting an electrical shock or burn as a result. When you are looking for a level 2 electrician for electrical work they can also offer suggestions looking at your home for how to better childproof it but here are some tips for keeping them safe.

Avoid serious situations by considering these 6 tips

The following simple tips can help keep your children safer and some of them once done do not need much more thought. The key is to keep your children educated in age-appropriate ways as they grow. A two-year-old does not understand why, but maybe by four, they are ready for some education. What you tell your 4-year-old again will differ from how you educated your 7-year-old.

  1. All electrical cords should be tied up and hidden or moved out of reach from smaller children. This is a good idea anyway since united cords can become a tripping hazard for anyone. There are electrical chord tie clips made for this job.
  2. Unplug your appliances when they are not in use, it is safer and it saves you money on your electric bill. Things unplugged are not going to give an electrical shock. Move the appliance out of the way of small hands until you need it again. A common example is a hairdryer you usually leave plugged in to use each morning.
  3. You can cover all the outlets that can be reached with face plates and when you call in an electrician near me to install more outlets, consider having them put in at a higher height so they cannot reach them. There are sliding plates for outlets you use often and then full covers for those rarely if ever used.
  4. Avoid leaving electrical appliances in more dangerous wet or damp areas like the bathroom. Electricity and water are a dangerous mix and this is something you should emphasize with your children as they grow. Use the hairdryer then put it away in the bedroom, or use it there in the first place!
  5. Teach your children about some key safety tips when it comes to electricity. No fingers or toys in the sockets, no touching wires or electrical appliances, don’t take your radio into the bath and so on. A great way to teach them is with age-appropriate books.
  6. Being safe around electricity is also essential outside. A level 2 electrician should handle electrical poles and lines, not a daring 7-year-old.


The best way to keep your children safe is to make sure you have done your part around the home, and then keep them educated about the dangers. An electrician near me can help you child-proof the home and make more child-safe choices when doing installation and work in your home.

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