Long-lasting flooring options for a beautiful home

Long-lasting flooring options for a beautiful home

Long-lasting flooring options for a beautiful home

When you are working on creating a lovely home a big part of the choices you make is the flooring. There are some lovely options out there but many come at pretty high prices. It is important that as well as choosing beautiful flooring you also choose durable flooring that you can afford. Here is a look at some options, including polished concrete, Brisbane, to consider for your home that will fantastic as well as work practically. 

Epoxy flooring

Some people have not heard of it, or think it is only a flooring used in hospitals or garages. But applied to a concrete floor an epoxy coating is not just durable, it can create an attractive finish for the home too. Epoxy floors Brisbane makes a space look brighter and larger. The coating makes the surface smooth and shiny and it also has antimicrobial properties and can withstand most chemicals. The effect it creates is something like a marble floor with the hardness and durability of concrete at a more affordable cost. 

You can get it in four types, water-based, solvent-based, solid and the more recent addition of metallic or pre-tinted. Solvent-based is the oldest version and needs careful application in a respirator. Then water-based came along that gives the same finish but no need for the solvent hardener so no fumes. Solid is more resistant but cannot be applied in thin coats and dries very quickly. The metallic option gives you a swirling effect on the floor. Epoxy floors, Brisbane are growing in popularity.

Vinyl flooring

There are a lot of good qualities with vinyl flooring. It is durable, less costly compared to a lot of other options and when you choose well, it can look great. You also have more choice when it comes to patterns and colours. You can even have it look like another type of flooring. Want wood but cannot afford it? Get vinyl that mimics hardwood flooring! Due to its durability and easy to clean qualities it is a good option for areas that get high traffic and it is comfortable to stand and walk on.

Polished concrete flooring

Another option growing in popularity is polished concrete. Many polished concrete, Brisbane homes enjoy it because it is versatile, takes very little maintenance to stay looking great and can be used outside and inside. There are a lot of gloss finishes you can choose from and it is durable. It is a cost-effective flooring option that could look stunning in your home or around your pool! 

Hardwood flooring

Popular as ever, hardwood flooring stands the test of time because it is gorgeous to look at and can add real value to a home when it comes to selling it. It has a lifespan of around 25 years if you look after it but that depends on how much traffic it sees and also what kind of wood you choose. More durable hardwoods are best like Brazilian redwood. Avoid softwoods like pine as it marks very easily. The kind of finish you choose can also help with its durability. The type of wood you choose is what impacts the cost of this flooring.

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