Must-Visit Sunflower Fields in Sydney

Must-Visit Sunflower Fields in Sydney

Must-Visit Sunflower Fields in Sydney

The period from the end of December to March of the following year is the season when sunflowers bloom in Australia. If you are interested in the most beautiful natural scenery in Australia, be sure not to miss the sunflower farms!

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best sunflower farms around Sydney, complete with addresses, driving times, and highlights. Be sure to bookmark this post! The blooming period is short, so don’t miss it.

Where can I see sunflowers in Sydney?

Glenbernie Family Farms

The most well-known farm, many bloggers have checked in here. You can pick flowers, in addition to sunflowers, there are other flower fields. The entrance fee is $10, no reservation required.

Be sure to wear fully covered shoes. Sandals, flip-flops, and shoes with holes are not allowed inside! Especially if it has rained in the past few days, there will be a lot of mud in the sunflower field, so wear slip-resistant shoes that are not afraid of getting dirty!

Sunflowers are $4/stem, and remember to bring scissors! Scissors are not provided on-site, and the stems of sunflowers are really difficult to break.

There is also a garden on the other side with many varieties of flowers that are super delicate and pleasing to the eye, unlike the grandeur of peonies and azaleas, but rather a refreshing and elegant type.

610 Bells Line Of Road Kurmond, 1 hour and 20 minutes by car

Hunter Valley Sunflowers

A very large area of sunflower fields. The area that was open in February has ended, but there will be more in March. You can follow their information on Instagram. The entrance fee is $5.

Before you go, you need to confirm whether the farm is open on the day. You can check by calling or searching “Hunter Valley Sunflowers” on Facebook to view their posts. Usually, the farmer will post updates around 9 am every day.

Follow the signs at the intersection to drive in. Please note that on rainy days or after rain, be careful as the dirt road on the farm can be slippery. However, it’s fine to drive slowly.

The farm staff are very friendly. The admission fee is $5 per person. You can pick the sunflowers in the field, and one stem costs $4.

28 King Island Rd, Largs, 2 hours by car

Camden Valley Farm

Relatively unknown, this farm has sunflowers and animals. The sunflowers have been divided into sections since the end of last year, so the scale is small, and there are currently no areas open to the public. You can wait and see.

The farm controls the crowd flow and is not too crowded, making it convenient for taking photos. The price of picking sunflowers at $2 per flower is reasonable.

Camden Valley Farm is not far away, and a half-day drive back and forth is not a problem. Afterward, you can go for a walk at Burragorang Lookout, which has beautiful scenery!

8 Burragorang Road, Cawdor, 1 hour by car

Farm & Co

This farm is closer to the Gold Coast and has high ratings. The garden is well-maintained and has a coffee shop, other vegetables, and animals. The entrance fee is $5.

There is also a farm shop and a coffee breakfast available. There are also small animals for interaction. You can also buy a sunflower to take home for $8 per flower.

2349 Ballan Daylesford Road, 8 hours and 30 minutes by car

Liverpool Plains

If you want to go on a road trip, come here. The sides of the road are full of sunflowers, and there are many attractions nearby. You can even go camping!

Liverpool Plains is full of golden sunflowers, and the blooming time of sunflowers is greatly affected by the planting time and weather. They may bloom from December to March. Usually, the blooming period of sunflowers lasts for about three weeks. After the blooming period, they become wilted flowers.

Since the blooming period of sunflowers is not fixed every year and it is difficult to predict when they will bloom, and local farmers also rotate their crops, the time and location of viewing sunflowers are not completely the same every year. Visit Liverpool Plains has established a Sunflower Alert, and tourists can inquire about the specific location when they go. The inquiry center is open from 9:00am to 5:00pm on weekdays and only until 2:00pm on weekends.

28 King Island Rd, Largs, 3 hours and 49 minutes by car

Sandstone Sunflower Patch

Free entry, just donate as you wish at the front gate. Sunflowers taller than a person and they have a large and spectacular field!

Tips: Sun hat, Suncream, camera, water. Nearby, you can visit Quirindi Silo Art, Bob’s Shed, and Quirindi Rural Heritage Village.

Address: Sandstone, Big Jacks Creek Rd, Willow Tree NSW

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