Holland House – Hidden “Dutch House” in Smithfield
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Holland House – Hidden “Dutch House” in Smithfield

Where to see Jacaranda in Grafton this year

Every October, the whole of Australia is immersed in a purple sea. In Brisbane, there are well-known hotspots like UQ and Toowong. You can also see Jacaranda in the town of Grafton. Although it belongs to NSW, we think it’s worth the trip. The town – Grafton is famous for jacaranda, and the nearly 4-hour […]

Must Visit Waterfalls in Byron Bay

Minyon Falls Our experience About an hour’s drive from Byron Bay, please note that this area often has no signal in the hilly terrain, so it’s a good idea to download offline maps before you set off. There are two trails to get to the bottom of the waterfall. The Minyon Falls Lookout trail is […]

Best Alpaca Farms Near Sydney

If you’re looking for a family-friendly farm experience, then head to an alpaca farm. Running on the grassy field is a magical creature with a long neck and a furry body. They have round, big eyes that exude a cute expression, and their fur is long and thick; it feels like your hand would get […]

Sea Cliff Bridge – Sydney’s Most Beautiful CoastalĀ Drive

The 665-meter-long Sea Cliff Bridge is a prominent attraction along the Grand Pacific Drive in New South Wales, Australia. Stretching from the Royal National Park (Loftus) to Nowra, this route offers scenic coastal views for 140 kilometres. This bridge has become a symbol of Wollongong, drawing many tourists to this stunning coastal road every year! […]

Exploring the Figure 8 Pool – Everything you need to know

Nature always manages to astonish us with one wonder after another, leaving behind magnificent creations around the world. In the southern hemisphere of Australia, within the vicinity of Sydney, lies a masterpiece sculpted by the forces of nature. This remarkable location is called the Figure 8 Pool due to its lakes resembling the Arabic numeral […]

Discovering the Best Things to Do in Leura

Visiting Leura is not just about seeing the maple leaves! This Sydney town surprisingly has so many hidden gems. Sydney locals must know this town, Leura, a must-visit spot on the way to the Blue Mountains. Every year during the maple leaf season, it attracts many tourists for photography. However, this town actually hides numerous […]

Top Things to Do in Windsor

The town of Windsor, with a history of 200 years, was one of the earliest colonial settlements. It’s truly fun to visit! Departing from the city centre, it’s about a 1.5-hour drive or a 2-hour train ride from T5 Windsor Station. The town exudes a vintage atmosphere. The main street isn’t large but features old […]