Da Vinci Exhibition in Melbourne

Da Vinci Exhibition in Melbourne

Da Vinci Exhibition in Melbourne

The LUME Museum is a place we visit several times a year. Recently, we discovered their latest experience: a Da Vinci-themed exhibition, featuring the legendary master’s original manuscripts and sketches displayed for the first time in Australia.

The LUME’s exhibition includes his explorations in anatomy, engineering, flight, and hydraulic systems. We’ve always known Da Vinci as a polymath proficient in both art and natural sciences, and now we finally have the opportunity to experience his work up close!

The experience

The immersive exhibition plays a complete cycle every half hour, but most visitors stay far longer because they simply can’t get enough! Chatting with friends, taking photos, and fully engaging in the dynamic visual aesthetics, you’ll experience the masterpieces of medieval Europe and the Renaissance on a grand scale.

The exhibition also features a paid VR experience of flying over Florence. Participants lie on VR equipment and simulate flying across the Florentine skyline. It’s very popular, with seating available for those waiting in line.

The “Mona Lisa’s Smile” is presented as a 360-degree replica, something you won’t find elsewhere.

There’s also an interactive experience based on Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man. Visitors can raise their arms in front of a screen, which then recognises body parameters and provides proportion numbers. You can scan a code to download a personalised body proportion image.

According to the ticket booking page, the exhibition runs until September 15th.

Address: The LUME Melbourne, 5 Convention Centre PI, South Wharf VIC 3006

Ticket Booking: Just search for “Leonardo da Vinci” and “The LUME” online to find it.

Ticket Price: Around $50 each, with possible discounts for students or seniors.

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