New Cat Café in Boxhill – Lazy Cat

New Cat Café in Boxhill – Lazy Cat

New Cat Café in Boxhill - Lazy Cat

We’ve discovered a cat lounge that can heal and boost happiness levels! Cat lounges are really rare in Melbourne, and sometimes you just need the companionship of cats to heal yourself. Recently, we stumbled upon a new cat lounge in Boxhill called Lazycat, and we decided to check it out!

The experience

The experience was amazing, and we’re already planning our second visit. The cats at Lazycat are very well-behaved, super affectionate, and come in many different breeds, including Blue Bicolor Ragdolls, Seal Bicolor Ragdolls, Tortoiseshell Ragdolls, British Shorthair Black Golden Shaded, and British Shorthair Blue and White and many more!

They also offer mahjong tables, board games, a Switch, and even VR! There’s everything you could want. We stayed for two hours, playing Switch while cuddling with the cats, who would come over to join us.

Another great thing is that they limit the number of people for each time slot, so it’s never too crowded, ensuring everyone has a cat to cuddle. It’s very thoughtful, and the place doesn’t get too noisy.

You can also bring takeout as long as it doesn’t have a strong smell that would affect the cats.

Lazy Cat

Address: G03/830 Whitehouse Rd, Boxhill 3128

Overall, we had a lot of fun. Who can resist being surrounded by cute little ones? Cat lovers shouldn’t miss it!

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