Which puppy is best for family?

Which puppy is best for family?

Which puppy is best for family?

If you have children it can be difficult to find a suitable puppy or breed. Keep reading and find out which puppy best suits you!

Do you know kids and dogs can be a great match? Dogs can encourage your kids to exercise and make outdoor activities much more enjoyable, at the same time it helps to develop their social skills. Choosing a breed that is less predisposed to tolerate the attentions of children is the key.

So what are some characteristics of a great family dogs? Firstly, it has to be calm and able to cope with kids. Small dog breeds might be more excitable although large dog breeds can be more gentle sometimes. It also comes down to how much time you have to walk your dog as you may want to choose one that suits your lifestyle. For example if you are willing to spend time to walk your dog every day, you can choose a breed that has a slightly higher energy levels.

Now we talked about some characteristics you should look for, it’s time to look at some dog breeds that generally have these traits.

Labrador puppy – Labrador puppy is gentle, yet outgoing. They always eager to please and they are highly trainable. Labrador is also intelligent and they excels when asked to work in challenging environments, and especially around water thanks to their water resistant coats. They also love taking part in canine sports as well as other activities such as working as a guide dog. Other than that, Labrador is also a fantastic companion and a family pet.

Beagle puppy – Beagles puppy is a great choice of family pet as well as companion dog. Beagles are renowned for being happy in a home environment. Your Beagles will enjoy being involved in everything that goes on in a household. You will see them become valued members of a family very quickly.

Golden Retriever – Golden Retrievers puppies are the perfect choice as family pets as they boast wonderfully calm natures and also, trainability. They are also marvellous with kids and other pets you might have in your home. Talking about trainability, Golden Retrievers puppies really excel at the jobs they are asked to do as they are very intelligent. Also because of this, it makes them a great choice of dog used in search and rescue missions.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier – Staffordshire Bull Terrier Staffy puppy is renowned for it’s kind natures when they are in a family environment. Staffies are intelligent dogs and they learn quickly. They need to be socialised and trained from a very early age. It is important for Staffordshire bull terriers to be socialised from an early age for them to be manageable adults and being around other dogs and family pets.

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