Tips on Choosing an Air Con for your Home

Tips on Choosing an Air Con for your Home

Tips on Choosing an Air Con for your Home

Having a good air conditioning system in your home has really become one of life’s essentials living in Australia during those hot summer days. When you enter your home you should feel comfortable and be able to relax and part of that is having the right system for your home. Whether you choose a split system installation or another type of air conditioning system is dependent on a number of factors and sometimes it is hard to make that decision. Here is a look at what factors to consider for Australian homes and what types of systems are out there and how to choose!

Consider the following factors

There are several concerns to think about as you are choosing the type of air conditioner for your home. These include;

1) The number of rooms in the property – If you have a single room to cool then choosing the type of unit you need is an easier process, you would choose between a split system Melbourne homeowners recommend or a window unit. But if you have several rooms to keep cool you need to take a closer look at your options. A split system could work for a small number of rooms but a larger space might need something like a ducted air conditioning system.   

2) The reliability of the system – Reliability is something you need to place some importance on, the last thing you need in the middle of a heatwave is to have your cooling system give up. It tends to be true that the more established brands produce more reliable systems, and you can also often enjoy better warranties and better customer service and after-sales service. 

3) What your local weather or climate is like – Australia is not all dry heat everywhere. Some areas have a humid heat. This requires a different approach when choosing a cooling system. It also means systems have to work even harder to keep a home cool and that raises the costs. In a very humid region, you would not choose an evaporative system, that is where a refrigerated system would work best. 

4) Whether you are focused on buying the best in energy efficiency – When you choose a more energy-efficient system you pay for that initially with a higher price, but you then save that back over the years on reduce energy bills. In Australia, we have a star rating system so the more stars a system has the better efficiency it has. The only system that might not have this rating is some ducted systems.    

5) The layout of the rooms and their sizes – Another factor as well as the number of rooms is their size and their layout. You need to choose a system that has enough capacity to cool the space you want it for. A common mistake people make is buying the wrong capacity which leads to problems such as not cooling enough, using too much energy and high operating costs, and needing repairs sooner than you should. Ceiling height, how well the place is insulated and roof type are some of the things that determine what capacity is required. A good installer can help you choose the best option for your needs whether that is a split system installation or something else.   

6) How loud the system is – It is a fact that different types of systems generate different levels of noise and when you take into consideration sleep, work meetings online, and so on this is something to think about. Evaporative tends to be louder than refrigerated, particularly at higher speeds. Split and ducted are both quieter.  

The different types of aircon systems

A lot of new Aussie homes are opting for reverse cycle split system air conditioning systems. But here is a closer look at that and the other options.

Reverse cycle split system 

This as mentioned, is one of the more popular systems Australians choose. It is not just a cooling split system, Melbourne residents appreciate, it is also a heating system as well. Running it is very affordable and you can have heating and cooling in multiple living rooms or just one. You have typically, an indoor unit and an outdoor unit depending on the size you need.

Reverse cycle ducted 

Another option other than a split system is ducted. This is usually best for when you are building a new home or undertaking large renovations, as installing ducted air conditioning is a more complex, costly and time-consuming process in homes otherwise. You have one central unit that is often found in the roof where it cannot be seen and then ducts that lead to sensors and outlets around the home. You can have different zones, achieve maximum levels of comfort and have more control over your use of electricity and therefore your energy bill.

Multi-split air 

This is similar to a single split system except it opiates more than one indoor unit still with one outdoor unit, to reach multiple rooms. If you do not want the hassle of putting in ducted, you do not have the right roof for it, or you have limited outdoor space, this is a good solution to cooling several rooms. A split system installation is less costly, and faster and easier.


Using evaporation an Avaoprative AC system supplies cool air to a home using ducts in the house. It is one of the more natural methods of cooling a home and one of the most affordable. As mentioned they are only effective though in dry climates.


Whether you are looking for a split system, Melbourne located, or something else, the best way to know what kind of system is best for your property is to do some research and talk to professional installers. With a bit of homework, you can avoid wasting money on a system that is either not going to keep it cool enough, or is overworked and ends its lifespan far before it should.

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