Guide to Tree Pruners and Loppers

Guide to Tree Pruners and Loppers

Guide to Tree Pruners and Loppers

If you have heavy or broken branches over your property, and you are worried about damage and your safety, or a tree is getting too close you might want to consider services that offer tree lopping, Sydney property owners depend on. When you have damaged trees that are an immediate hazard for any reason lopping may be the best recourse to turn to. However, this is something you should leave for a tree expert or arborist to decide as lopping should not be the first choice of action. 

Tips on what to look for 

Here is what to look for in your professional service;

  1. Check their credentials and license – You should only use a licensed company as anyone operating without one is doing so illegally and you have to question how far you can trust them if they are willing to work like that.  
  2. Make sure they are insured – You do not want any tree loppers near me operating on your property without insurance as that could mean issues of liability should damage happen to your home or should someone injure themselves while working there. Any company should have both workers comp and liability insurance.  
  3. Ask for and call referrals – A referral is the name of someone the company has worked with before, a previous or current client. Sometimes though people will ask a service for referrals but then not look into them when they get the name. Give that person a call and ask the questions that only a customer can answer, general impressions, tardiness issues, professionalism, equipment and so on. You can also look online to see what clients are saying.  
  4. Compare charges and quotes – Look at how they charge for their services, different places have different fees and how they charge. Get an estimate from the ones you have narrowed down and compare what you get for your money. Ask for the estimate on tree lopping Sydney in writing. If they prefer not to do this you might want to wonder why, it could be so that they can add hidden fees to the job.  
  5. Do they have the equipment for your job – If they do not have the right equipment for climbing trees, harnesses and such to safely lop and prune then you should look elsewhere.     
  6. What services do they offer other than lopping – It is possible and even likely that as well as needing a lopping or pruning service you might need other things done with your trees. Tree removal, stump grinding, treating disease and more. Consider what else the companies offer so you can have one place that has the skill and experience to handle all your tree needs.   
  7. Check experience and training – As well as looking at the experience of their lead expert who is hopefully an arborist, also consider the experience and training of all the employees they use. Make sure the tree loppers near me know what they are talking about, can work safely and that these are people you trust your property and trees with.   
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