The Grounds’ New Seasonal Theme – The Grounds Circus 

The Grounds’ New Seasonal Theme – The Grounds Circus 

The Grounds' New Seasonal Theme - The Grounds Circus 

Sydney’s top themed restaurant, The Grounds, presents its latest May theme: the circus! This time, the decorations are quite heartfelt, with various carousel horses, lions, tigers, and giraffes, all brought in. It’s a great place to bring kids to play!

Our kid says he loves it. The seasonal menu has also been updated. We recommend the whitefish tacos – the fish is fresh, and paired with avocado and onion sauce, it has a crispy yet smooth texture, delicious!

The small cakes are as beautiful as always, though we didn’t try them this time. The popcorn cake is truly high on the aesthetic scale!

It’s best to visit on weekdays when there are significantly fewer people.

Overall, we find this theme should be very popular with kids! Carousels, lions, tigers, giraffes, and elephants all create a cute and adorable vibe. It’s also a great spot for photos.

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