Truffle Hunting at Red Hill

Truffle Hunting at Red Hill

Truffle Hunting at Red Hill

In Melbourne, the immersive experience of truffle hunting is so much fun! And June is the truffle hunting season again. Taking advantage of the long weekend, we went to the outskirts of Melbourne for an experience. We booked a package on the official website in advance for $165, including hunting and pizza. Who can resist the temptation of black truffle pizza! The rich black truffle flavour, combined with plenty of meat and crispy potatoes, makes it the most richly filled and aromatic pizza we’ve ever had!

The place we went this time was Red Hill Truffle (235 Arthurs Seat Road, Red Hill VIC 3937 Australia). If you are interested, you can find out more on their website they have different experiences you can book!

Truffle Hunting experience at Red Hill

Before truffle hunting

Upon arrival, the staff at the entrance guided us to park. After walking to the lounge, the farm owner provided us with tea and coffee while introducing the farm, the varieties of black truffles, and the working dogs for the day.

It is recommended to wear a pair of comfortable, dirt-resistant shoes. Shoe covers are provided, and shoes need to be disinfected before entering the truffle hunting area.

Truffle hunting

Maddie, the dog, was amazing! She sniffed for a while, then stopped and pawed at the ground, indicating to her owner that there were truffles below.

The staff first determined if the truffle was mature, and if it was, they let us try digging it up ourselves. They provide mats, so there’s no need to worry about getting your pants dirty while digging.

After truffle hunting

After brushing off the dirt, the truffles smelled even more fragrant, we absolutely love it! Next, we went to a nearby pizza place, just about a 3-minute drive away.

Truffle Hunting at Red Hill  pizza
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