A Newly Opened Lobster Roll Shop in Melbourne – Hotlob
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A Newly Opened Lobster Roll Shop in Melbourne – Hotlob

A Newly Opened Lobster Roll Shop in Melbourne – Hotlob

After buying Starbucks, we discovered a new lobster roll place next door (Hotlob). The shop is tiny, but the value for money is excellent! After so many years, we finally got to eat a hot lobster roll! The bread is crispy and fragrant after being heated, and the size is just right for me. Hotlob […]

Miffy Curry Rice at Melbourne’s Korean-Inspired Cafe

We took advantage of the holiday to visit this Korean café (Just, Loved Creative Studio & Cafe)located in Blackburn. The moment we walked in, the fresh and cozy décor caught our eyes! The attention to detail here is remarkable. Even the menu is beautifully illustrated and detailed. They have an extensive selection of drinks! What […]

Melbourne’s Hidden ‘Venice’ – Vaporetto Bar & Eatery

This Italian restaurant is truly one of our favourite places to eat. Every time we crave Italian food, we find ourselves going there. Each visit, we try something different. Except for the salads, which we personally don’t like so much, we’ve never been disappointed by anything else! We was brought by a friend to this […]

Melbourne Now Has Ice Cream Ramen

After a long day, we thought, let’s go have something tasty! And we were attracted by the sign outside, we ended up at this magical restaurant (Tokyo Motto). With a mindset of just giving it a try, we ordered this ice cream chili noodle and it really was something! You might be curious about the […]

Cat-themed Japanese Onigiri Cafe – Chooka’s

This week we finally went to the trendy Japanese brunch spot in Brunswick. Their Onigiri set is super cute! The Matcha & Hojicha drinks are not too sweet, quite enjoyable. Chooka’sis in a small alley in Brunswick, Melbourne! The name is taken from the name of the small black cat raised by the Japanese owner, […]