New cafe and dessert shop opened in Melbourne’s QV – Amiri Cafe

New cafe and dessert shop opened in Melbourne’s QV – Amiri Cafe

New cafe and dessert shop opened in Melbourne's QV - Amiri Cafe

We’ve been watching the new AMIRI restaurant being set up in QV for a while now. Over the weekend, when we were unsure about where to eat, we decided to give this new place a try. The cafe is quite spacious and the decor is thoughtfully done. At first, we thought it was a Japanese or Korean establishment, but surprisingly, all the staff were Thai. We find the food is okay but the highlight is definitely the dessert!

What we think and tried

Kyoto Omurice – $34

This omurice looks amazing in photos, especially when you slice open the omelet – truly a moment of admiration for a well-made egg! However, we find the hamburger meat and sauce are average.

TOM YUM Ramen – $26.5

The ramen comes with two tempura shrimp which are quite large! But the rest of the toppings are just like your standard ramen, with nothing special about the egg or the fish cake.

We highly recommended trying their desserts

Matcha Lover Set

Very limited availability. The set includes matcha tiramisu, matcha cloud cake, and matcha ice cream. It’s served with strawberry jam.

Durian Deluxe

A must-order for those who love durian. This is our favourite among all the dessert options. The cake is soft, and it comes with durian sauce. we’ve had it twice and would love to have it again.

Ube Basque Cheese Cake – $13.9

This was truly impressive. The smooth ube (purple yam) pairs excellently with the cheese, and it’s not too sweet. Highly recommended!

Strawberry Short Cake – $13.9

Looks identical to the Ube cake and tastes good too. It’s a classic cake that doesn’t disappoint, with a strong fruity flavour!

Green Grape Cake – $14.9

Often sold out, we haven’t been able to get it lately. It’s refreshing, not too sweet, and incredibly delicious! The combination of biscuit base with light cream cheese and green grapes is superb. Definitely a must-try if available!

Strawberry Matcha – $9.9

In the matcha series, these two are probably the best. They are a bit pricey but worth it.

Jardin Sauvage – $8

Our first visit was for the rose and hibiscus tea. By our second visit, it was gone! Although $8 per pot isn’t expensive, it’s great for sharing as you can get several small cups!

For those who are planning to go, try to avoid visiting during public holidays as the additional 15% charge doesn’t make it worthwhile! However, the prices are reasonable on normal days. The cakes are definitely worth a try, including some of the seasonal new arrivals!

Address: Shop R02, 14 Cnr Lonsdale Street, QV, Melbourne VIC 3000

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