Picnic pleasures these School Holidays

Holidays are that time of the year that everyone counts down to but the return to school can soon be wished for if you run out of ideas to keep the kids occupied, and the cry of “I’m bored” can cause you to shudder like nails down a chalkboard.

Spark some joy into the holidays for you and your kids by planning a day out for a picnic at the local park, adventuring somewhere new or even as a rest stop on your holiday getaway. And with just a few things, that you might already have in your kitchen any day can be brought back to life with the prospect of a picnic to recharge both you and the kids.

Benefits of getting outside

The benefits of getting outside as often as possible are widely researched and the results always come back the same; getting outdoors is great for physical and mental well-being. Not only are you getting the kids active, filling up on fresh air and soaking up some vitamin D but being outside is proven to boost your mood, help reduce stress, build kids confidence and promote creativity.

Especially in winter when the days are shorter and being cooped up indoors can lead to the winter blues, spending time outside can lessen these effects and boost immunity to fight off colds and illnesses.

Getting the kids involved

Picnics can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. From an apple & a swing at the park to a full day trip of lunch, snacks and activities.

Getting the kids to help with organizing your outing can help fill time during their day and gives them a sense of ownership meaning they will put more in, and get more out of the whole experience. 

Simple snacks like fruit skewers, finger sandwiches, pikelets or cookies, and popping corn are all great ways to get the kids involved, and happily eating their own creations. 

You can also get them to help with packing games & equipment or even inventing their own game to keep their minds ticking over with excitement.

Better Together

There need not be a party of people to make picnicking fun but if you can round up a few mums, dads and kids who are also around your area, the kids can entertain themselves freely for a good amount of time and it gives you a chance to connect with adult conversations & takes your mind off what you were doing before and what you need to do after, encouraging us to be present in the moment.

Fake it

If the weather turns bad or you’re just really not up for packing up the car you can always get out in your own backyard or turn to the good old-fashioned indoor picnic inviting their favourite toy friends with the same mood & creativity boosting effects.

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