Tutoring And Management of School Work During School Holidays

Tutoring And Management of School Work During School Holidays

Tutoring And Management of School Work During School Holidays

Too often, school holidays are associated with constant sleeping in, socialising and avoiding holiday homework. However, having a tutor during this time can be quite beneficial in putting this avoidance behaviour to rest. 

Why have a tutor during the holidays? 

The absence of a strict schedule students have during their break often allows them to lose track of their schoolwork. This is where having tutoring during this time off allows them to be able to set scheduled time for schoolwork without the excuse of “I’ll do it later”. Having tutoring during the holidays also allows students to get a head start in their studies before the school term commences again. They are able to work through content they might find difficult, at a steady pace with their tutor, rather than just relying on gaining clarity when they go back to school – which may put them in a position where they feel overwhelmed and behind with their work. 

Group tuition or one-on-one tuition? 

Group tuition 

– Benefit of students being able to discuss content together which will help with reinforcement of the content 

– Encourages interaction between students 

– Cheaper option compared to individual tuition 

Private tuition 

– Takes upon a more personalised approach rather than following a “one size fits all” model. 

– Creates a closer bond between the student and tutor, which can allow them to feel more comfortable to ask questions. 

– More time and attention on the student 

How to stay motivated to continue to study in your own time 

Keep your long-term goals in mind. It is good to reflect about why you want to work, rather than just seeing it as a chore. 

Have a designated study area. This area should be clean and rid of distractions like smartphones. It should also be visually appealing so that you actually want to spend time there. 

Find new ways to study. Incorporating new study techniques can be motivating because it exposes you to something fun and different. Try things like testing yourself with cue cards, writing a story/song that includes the content or even making a creative video. 

Listen to music while studying. This isn’t a tip for everyone, but a lot of people find that listening to music helps them concentrate. It is best to listen to instrumental only music so that you don’t get distracted by the lyrics. 

Give yourself a reward once you have completed some study. Sometimes the satisfaction of bringing yourself to study is enough, however, you could also reward yourself by watching a movie, playing a game or anything else that sparks your interest. 

Tips to balance your study time and play time 

Stop procrastination. This does not mean cutting out all the things you want to do, but stop filling up time with tasks you are only doing to put off completing schoolwork. If you stop things like scrolling through social media endlessly, it can free up a huge amount of time. 

Complete tasks as soon as you can. If you’re not doing anything essential straight after homework is assigned, complete the homework as soon as you get it. This will reduce stress when the deadline approaches and means you can play guilt free 

Set limits on your phone. Have specific times of the day where you can and can’t use your phone. This will make the time spent on your phone more efficient and will stop you from wasting time on it. 

Allocate time for the things you want to do. Schedule these activities and put them in a calendar, so that you know they are approaching. Having these things in mind will make school work seem less draining and you will know there is something to look forward to after you’ve worked hard 

I hope that having a tutor can help you thrive and you are able to implement some study into your own time. Happy studying! 

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