How do I get my child to eat less sugar?

How do I get my child to eat less sugar?

How do I get my child to eat less sugar

Are your kids eating too much sugar, especially during the school holidays? Not only eating too much sugar can lead to health problems such as obesity, but also tooth decay! However encouraging your kid to eat healthy snacks isn’t always easy, so we have put together some tips for you!

Introducing healthy snacks that are good for your children’s teeth

Apple – An apple a day could keep the cavities away! Chewing apples and other crunchy, high-fiber fruits can scrub away plaque from teeth. Plus, this fruit is full of vitamins!

Milk, Cheese or Yogurt – They are rich in calcium, casein, and phosphorus, which means it can protect tooth enamel! The nutrients in dairy products can neutralise some acid produced by the bacteria.

Nut and Seed – Do you know they are tasty and mouth-friendly snack? Acids remove tooth enamel, and foods with high amounts of calcium and phosphorus like almonds, peanuts or cashews, can help to protect teeth by replenishing the minerals.

Unity Point put together a comprehensive list of best and worst foods for healthy children’s teeth.

Don’t forbid but do control

Nothing happens overnight! Changing a habit takes time. Forbidding foods may make them even more attractive for your kids. Remember occasional biscuit or chocolate is still acceptable if it is just once in a while. Don’t forget to explain to your kid why it is important to limit those foods!

Do it together!

Kids learn from what they see! So as a parent, it is important to make the healthy choices!

Don’t delay

Your child’s first toothache can be distressing. If it happens, don’t panic. There are a variety of root causes. Most of the time, they are the result of a cavity. In some cases, a tooth may be broken. If you need urgent help, you can seek help from your local dental, many of them offer emergency dentist service i.e emergency dentist in Penrith. Sometimes an injury to the gums or teeth seems mild but it can become more serious if you ignore it for a substantial amount of time. So make sure you seek out professional help as soon as it happens! An additional tip is that before calling your dentist, you can ask your child to point to the source of their pain, this will help you to explain the problem better to your dentist.

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