Gardening Activities for Kids and Toddlers

Gardening Activities for Kids and Toddlers

Gardening Activities for Kids and Toddlers

Gardening Activities for Kids and Toddlers by The Plant Runner

Spring is the perfect time to get your littlies into the garden. The warmer weather and longer days bring backyards to life and provide plenty of opportunities for tiny tots to roll up their sleeves and get hands on. From learning responsibility to reducing stress through ‘outdoorphins’ (it’s a thing!), gardening provides many wellbeing benefits and valuable life skills for children.

Getting little ones excited about the garden is one of the key reasons we launched Plant Runner Kids!

Here are our top five gardening activities for kids and toddlers:

  1. Plant some herbs

We recommend starting your plant adventures with herbs; they are edible and they grow fast – perfect for maintaining the kids’ interest! If you can, begin by allocating a small area just for them, and explain the responsibilities they have to look after the patch. Our Kids Herb Sets come with plant tags to help children learn the names of each herb, and our biodegradable pots demonstrate the importance of sustainability. A mini picture booklet detailing the stages of growth is also included, making it easy to track your progress. 

Tip: herb gardens don’t need much space. Plant them anywhere from a garden patch to recycled tin cans!

  1. Take old boots and turn them into pots

This is an easy way to upcycle worn out boots. Fill them with potting mix, pop in your plant and you’re good to go! We guarantee your kids will get a kick out of seeing pre-loved boots sprouting new life in the garden. 

Tip: we like using old gumboots with holes in the soles so worms can get in!

  1. Collect and press garden flowers

Collecting and pressing flowers is a year-round activity and a great way for kids to see seasonal change. Our Kids Flower Press is made from bamboo and recycled cardboard – sustainable  and practical! Simply get the kids to collect their favourite flowers and press them overnight. In the morning, the kids can collect their pressings and craft them into cards, pictures and bookmarks!

Tip: framed pressed flowers make beautiful handmade gifts.

  1. Make a compost heap

This may sound a little on the nose, but it is a great way to keep the kids entertained. Composts can be made in an old bin or a box (there are plenty of great guides online) and the kids can be in charge of keeping it topped up. Might seem icky at first, but don’t forget gross can be a great way to keep kids entertained (remember when you were obsessed with slime as a young’un?). 

It’s a great insight into nature to be able to show how organic matter breaks down. Not to mention the fun of spotting all the insects and worms involved in the process.

Tip: once the compost begins to decompose, the kids can use it for their own parts of the garden. This means they’re part of the process from start to finish!

  1. Build a Terrarium

Terrariums are mini, living ecosystems. They can be kept in any room of the house and require very little maintenance. Made as simple or complex as you like, terrariums can be revisited as your child gets older. Our Mini Terrarium Kit has all the elements you need to get started, or you can learn how to create one from scratch with our How to: Terrarium blog. 

Tip: adding miniature toys to the terrarium can give it a magical touch. Who doesn’t love seeing a dinosaur peeking out from behind a succulent? 

For more information about The Plant Runner Kids range, visit or follow @plantrunnerkids on Instagram and Facebook.

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