Camping at Lake Eildon

Camping at Lake Eildon

Camping at Lake Eildon

On a weekend with temperatures soaring above 30 degrees Celsius, we ventured 104 kilometres away from Melbourne to Lake Eildon, a journey that took us nearly 3 hours.

This time, we opted for a Big4 site with both water and electricity. However, we specifically requested a spot at the Riverside campsite, which was close to the river! Though it meant a bit of a trek to the toilets and kitchen facilities, our neighbours opted to drive there.


The campsite facilities were average, to say the least, not particularly clean as some reviews suggested. Similarly, the cabins seemed average and not impeccably maintained. But the scenery was beautiful!

Other amenities like trampolines, playgrounds, indoor game rooms, and a swimming pool were all available.

What to do

During the day, we visited Foggs lookout, offering a panoramic view of the entire lake. In the afternoon, we rented an 8-person boat from Lakeview Boat Hire for two hours at a total cost of $220. The boat was easy to maneuver and didn’t require any license. It even had a fish finder, but we were probably too amateur as we didn’t catch a single fish.

There were many people on the lake indulging in wakeboarding, and jet skiing, and we even spotted someone renting a luxurious boat for a party.

As the night fell, the temperature dropped to 15 degrees Celsius, quite chilly. Don’t forget to bring thick clothes and sleeping bags.

Waking up by the riverside in the morning, we were greeted with the sight of morning mist during sunrise! The campsite was also bustling with nocturnal wildlife, so watch out for a startle when you venture out for a midnight bathroom break!

Things to see near Lake Eildon

This time, what surprised me the most was the scenic drive along Black Spur Drive on the way there, and the return journey passing through Warburton/Woods Point Road. These two routes offer breathtaking views through the forests, yet they evoke different feelings. If you ever get the chance, you must drive through and experience them for yourself.

Many visitors to this area bring inflatable boats or paddling boards. The place we stayed at this time was near a small town called Jamieson, which has a river nearby with many shallow areas, perfect for kids and dogs to play. There are also plenty of fishing spots around here.

Overall, it’s suitable for families or friends to enjoy a relaxed vacation without rushing, embracing a slow-paced lifestyle.

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