Australia’s 2024 Public Holiday Guide

Australia’s 2024 Public Holiday Guide

Australia's 2024 Public Holiday Guide

If you’re in Australia or planning to go there, do you know when the promotion and discount seasons are? When is the cheapest time to buy everyday items? What are the discount websites in Australia? We’ve compiled the most detailed list of Australian holidays and marketing festival calendars. With this list, you’ll know when it’s most cost-effective to go shopping!

Additionally, we’ll also recommend some discount websites and rebate platforms. Combining these with your shopping will surely yield unexpected gains! Please keep this detailed Australian discount guide handy!

Australia’s 2024 Public Holiday Guide

Australia, like many other countries, has a lot of traditional festivals. Some are similar to those in other countries, while others are unique. Generally, businesses will launch promotional activities a day or two before and after these festivals. Shopping during these times will be cheaper than usual. Let’s take a look at some of these festivals together.

If there are things you don’t necessarily need to buy new (such as certain books, furniture, appliances, etc.), you can check out second-hand websites such as Gumtree and Ebay.

January 1st, New Year’s Day

Each state and territory in Australia celebrates New Year’s Day on January 1st. For many, New Year’s Day is a great opportunity to gradually recover from the New Year’s Eve party the night before.

Every major city in Australia holds New Year’s Eve celebrations, usually accompanied by fireworks and other activities, such as those held in Sydney Harbour. The Perth Cup is Western Australia’s premier thoroughbred horse racing event, held at Ascot Racecourse every New Year’s Day. Crowds from around the world join the parties at Sullivan’s Cove, along Hobart’s waterfront, celebrating the New Year with the competitors of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race.

For Melbourne’s New Year’s Eve celebrations: there is an Early Eve countdown party every year to warm up for the New Year’s Eve festivities. It is usually held in two places, Yarra Park and Footscray Park.

Of course, there are many promotional activities before New Year’s Day. Many major retailers hope to start the new year with a bang, so the discounts are quite generous! However, many major stores may be closed, so it’s important to check their opening hours if you plan to shop in-store. But if you’re shopping online, it doesn’t matter!

Actually, most of the time, online shopping is more cost-effective because major platforms also offer additional discounts during holidays! Stocking up for the new year starts from New Year’s!

January 26th, Australia Day

Australia Day is celebrated on January 26th each year and is Australia’s national day, commemorating the arrival of the first European settlers in Australia. Australia has a national day off on this day. Australia Day usually begins with formal ceremonies in the morning: raising the national flag, singing the national anthem, firing guns, awarding medals to special groups or individuals, and holding ceremonies to welcome new citizens of the country. This ceremony is the only official event held in Australia on this day.

In addition, local residents in Australia will spontaneously organise many celebrations, such as national parades, vintage car exhibitions, and thong challenges.

Of course, for such an important holiday, businesses will not miss out on promotional activities. On this day, businesses generally offer some themed discounts, both online and offline!

March 29th, Good Friday and Easter Monday April 1st

Every year during Easter, the Royal Easter Show is held in Sydney. The Sydney Royal Easter Show was first held in 1823, and it is said that it was completely granted by Queen Victoria, thus it was named “Royal”. This event is considered the grandest annual event in Australia, attracting about 900,000 visitors every year.

A variety of activities such as agricultural fairs, animal experiences, entertainment activities, carnivals, shopping, etc., are endless. The fun, entertainment, and food and wine experiences at the carnival amusement park are blended together, making it a festive day full of joy to spend with family and friends. Easter games, Easter eggs, and Easter freebies are also the focus of the day. At the same time, various churches will hold Easter ceremonies on this day.

On such a joyful day, businesses will certainly seize the opportunity for promotions, and many e-commerce platforms will also launch Easter discount codes.

April 25th, Anzac Day

Every year on April 25th is Anzac Day, also known as Anzac Day or the Anzac Allied Forces Memorial Day, which commemorates the day when the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) soldiers sacrificed their lives during the Battle of Gallipoli in 1915, during World War I. It is one of the public holidays and important festivals of Australia.

As usual, the highlight of the holiday is the dawn commemoration ceremony, where many people specifically wake up early to attend at designated locations. On this day, the entire city will be adorned with red poppies, and veterans, their families, and most citizens will wear these small red flowers to show their solemn and profound respect for the military.

June 8th, Queen’s Birthday

The celebration of the Queen’s Birthday becomes a statutory holiday in all countries of the Commonwealth, including Australia, each year.

Except for Western Australia, all states and territories celebrate the Queen’s Birthday on the second Monday in June. Some well-known sporting events take place on this day, including Australian Rules Football League matches between the Collingwood Magpies and the Melbourne Demons at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Traditionally, this day is also considered the beginning of the snow season in Australia.

Western Australia celebrates the Queen’s Birthday on the last Monday in September or the first Monday in October, coinciding with the spring school holidays and the Perth Royal Show.

Don’t forget, this holiday falls in the middle of the month, and with the start of the school season in Western Australia, there are certainly things to buy. Don’t miss the few days before and after the holiday to get what you need!

December 25th, Christmas Day

Christmas in Australia falls in the summer, rather than the winter as in the Northern Hemisphere. The holiday also falls in the middle of the summer school holidays each year. The period before Christmas is a busy shopping season, as Australians shop for gifts for their family and friends.

Shop windows are often filled with toys and decorated with fake snow, reindeer, and icicles, even though temperatures outside may reach up to 30°C. Traditionally, Christmas lunch is a time for families to gather and enjoy roast turkey, ham, and warm plum pudding, but many Australian families now opt for an outdoor barbecue feast. Many international tourists also traditionally flock to Bondi Beach in Sydney on Christmas Day for picnics.

Of course, the end of the year is when the most intense promotional activities take place. Starting from before and after Christmas, there will be about a week of continuous promotions, but generally, the discounts are even greater on the day when the official activities are launched. So make sure to be there on time to grab what you want!

December 26th, Boxing Day

December 26th, the day after Christmas, known as Boxing Day. It’s the day to open your Christmas presents! And all the shopping centres will have their lowest discounts of the year. People start lining up at commercial centres in the city centre around five in the morning to ensure they get the items they want when the stores open.

Major e-commerce platforms also release major discounts on the 26th, including additional discount codes and free shipping promotions. It’s truly the end-of-year mega sale, with all sorts of household items, skincare products, electronics, and more being very cost-effective! Most people won’t miss the chance to stock up and grab bargains on this holiday!

Australian Discount Websites

For many platforms, such as Amazon and eBay, they all post discount information on their own platforms.

Take Amazon for example, you can visit its “Daily Deals” page to find various types of discounts.

Many other brand websites, such as UGG, Adidas, etc., also post discount information on their own websites. The problem is, as consumers, we have no way of knowing.

So, a large number of discount websites have emerged, but not every discount website is suitable. Below are a few recommended discount websites that provide real and valuable information and can be trusted.



Groupon may be the most famous of all discount websites, and it really offers something for everyone. One reason it’s so popular is that it offers a plethora of discounts at any given time. In fact, you can find discounts on all items on Groupon, from pet supplies, electronics, and household items, to travel deals and gift ideas.

One of the best things about Groupon is its local deals service. You simply enter your zip code and get all the discounts and offers in your area. This makes it very suitable for daily use, as well as for use in unfamiliar places, whether you are traveling in Australia, studying abroad, or just arriving in Australia as a Chinese. Using Groupon to find discounts is a good choice.



Cudo is a rapidly growing discount website that offers deals on many different products, such as fashion, electronics, outdoor furniture, groceries, and beauty products. You can even enjoy great deals on local services, such as car care, pest control, and cleaning services. It’s also a very good website to find discounts.



Catch is one of Australia’s earliest and most popular deal websites, for those who have used it in the early days, they may still remember its predecessor – Daily Catch. Catch is indeed at the forefront of online shopping and offers amazing deals on a range of products. Of course, what’s especially interesting is their “Today’s Popular” section, which is usually a specially discounted product. There’s something for everyone in various categories!

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