5 Second Rule game rules you need to know

5 Second Rule game rules you need to know

5 Second Rule game rules

The 5 Second Rule game is very simple. Each card asks you to name 3 things. For instance, the card may say name 3 countries. You might think that’s not too difficult however you would only have 5 seconds to answer.

5 Second Rule game requires how many players?

5 Second Rule game is a family game and it’s ideally to be played with 3+ players.

How to play and what are the rules for 5 second rule game

In simple term, players need to name 3 things in 5 seconds! Keep on reading for detailed instruction of how to play the 5 Second Rule game.

  • All the players are seated
  • Open card box
  • Place card box and timer in centre
  • Choose which player will go first, this player will be in the “hot seat”
  • The player in the “hot seat” draw a card then read it out to other players
  • Flip the timer and you will have 5 seconds to give your 3 answers
  • If you can give 3 answers before the timer finishes you will score a point and move forward one space on the board
  • When the turn is finished, play continues with the next player (if you were not able to give 3 correct answers the next player will be answering the same question plus they cannot use any answers that you have said)
  • If no one can answer the question correctly in 5 seconds, the original player will get 1 point by default
  • Players progress along the board until they reach FINISH. The first player to get there wins the game

What are Special Cards?

There are 2 special cards in the game – the Pass On Cards and Switch Cards

Pass On Cards – The “hot seat” player can use the Pass On Card after hearing their question, this question is asked of the player to the left instead. If the player on the left gives 3 correct answers they can move forward one space on the board. However if the player on the left fail to give 3 correct answers then the original player (the “hot seat” player can move forward on space.

Switch Cards – If the “hot seat” player doesn’t like their question, they can also change it for a new one by using their Switch Card.

The Danger Zone

Along the way to the end space, players will cross 2 Danger Zones and the player may miss their turn if they get the answer wrong. If a player moves to a Danger Zone space they must give 3 correct answer on the next turn, If they don’t give 3 correct answer then they miss their next attempt to answer any question.

So what are the Questions for 5 Second Rule Game?

There are in fact many questions available!

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