What are the best family travel tips?

What are the best family travel tips?

What are the best family travel tips

As the border opens up, family holidays overseas will become possible once again! Travelling with children can be stressful but don’t worry we put together some great tips and advice on how to travel better with your kids!

Choose your destination wisely – it is important to consider your children’s needs! Most destinations have amusement park and family friendly attraction. You will also need to consider things like the maximum journey time you can all cope with. Choosing your accomodations near the attraction (and the beach!) will cut down the driving and travel time, it can also save you money as it reduces the need for transportation.

Slow down and enjoy – this is the number one tip! Unlikely travelling with your best friends, things are different now when you are traveling with kids. You should avoid squeezing too many activities into a single day. You should break up the day and make sure everyone has some time to recharge.

Create a packing checklist – do you know lists are the key to a stress free holiday? You will need to have a checklist for your travel and to take items off as you pack. That case you will never forget to bring anything before you head out your door. With COVID, make sure to stock up on masks for everyone as well as hand sanitiser. One last thing to remember, try not to overpack!

Know your numbers and currency exchange tips – When you land overseas the foreign currency exchange rates change daily which will make it very difficult to estimate how much you can or will spend. You can lock in an exchange rate on a travel money card, this means you can lock in the rate each time you load money onto the card which will make it a lot easier to budget your upcoming trip!

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