The Benefits of Music for Children

The Benefits of Music for Children

What are the Benefits of Music for Children? There are numerous benefits of music for children. These are the benefits;

  • Educational benefits
  • Psychological and emotional benefits
  • Social benefits
  • Language benefits
  • Creativity

– Educational benefits. Children can learn a lot from music. They can learn different musical elements such as beat, tempo, rhythm, melody and pitch. Beat is the unit of time for the music. Tempo is the speed of the music. Rhythm is the music pattern in time. Melody is the tune of the music and the pitch is how high or low a note is. This also helps with their cognitive development.

– Psychological and emotional benefits. When children listen to positive music they can enjoy listening to it so it is pleasurable for them to listen. It makes them happy and lifts their mood. It can also be fun to listen to music as well.

– Social benefits. Children can listen with other children and adults to music and also play music as a group which promotes turn taking skills and working collaboratively as a group. They can play games which helps with social development.

– Language benefits. When children listen to music they hear the lyrics and when they listen to the lyrics they are learning language. They can learn different words and phrases used and different terminology.

– Fine Motor Skills. When children play an instrument they are using their fingers so they are practicing their fine motor skills using their fingers by pressing down on buttons. Other instruments as well will help. 

– Gross Motor Skills. When children listen to music they can dance to the music and play games which helps with their muscle development. It helps with balance and co-ordination and different body movements.

– It helps with children’s creativity. Children can be very creative when it comes to music. They can do whatever they want with it. They can write their own songs and music and be as creative as they want. They can express themselves musically.

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