How to Save Money This School Holidays

School holidays are certainly not every Aussie parent’s favourite time of the year, considering the damage it can cause to their bank balance. Although some children believe that money grows on trees, Aussie parents can all agree that it most definitely does not! And when the holidays roll around, the extra costs of entertaining their little ones can really add up. 

According to a recent survey conducted by Entertainment Publications over half of Aussie parents are spending an extra $51 to $100 a week entertaining just one child in the school holidays – with more being spent if they have more than one child. Some of us are splashing even more of the cash; almost a third of parents are spending anywhere between $101 and $250 extra per week.

Parents are becoming worried as 78% of their children are participating in paid family activities once to three times a month. Moreover, a third of Aussie parents set aside extra money so they can afford to entertain their children during the school holidays. Unsurprisingly, with Aussie parents trying to hang tightly onto their earnings, almost 90% of parents will choose family activities that will save money over their preferred family activity. 

Do not fear thought, there are money-saving activities that will make Christmas a fun time for schoolchildren and an even better time for parents. 

This year, Christmas will be more festive and even happier for the wallets of parents all around Australia, with these savvy activities: 

  • Getting Savvy with Deals  

Entertainment Publications is an Australian company and an iconic brand that has helped Australians save for 25 years. With their Entertainment App, members can discover the best dining options, travel attractions and shopping experiences in their city and beyond.

There are exclusive offers only available to Entertainment members including countless 2-for-1 offers and up to 50% off offers. An Entertainment membership will help keep parents’ wallets fuller for longer over the Christmas holidays, whilst making sure that their family does not miss out on fun activities such as going to the aquarium or visiting the cuddly Koalas at the Zoo.

Over half of current members have saved between $150 to $300 a year using their Entertainment memberships. 

  • Going for A Picnic at The Park 

Get creative in the kitchen with your children by preparing a picnic basket together. Pack delicious and nutritious treats to bring to your nearest local park, or even national park if you want to be even closer to nature.

Make some tea-sized sandwiches, fruit salad bowls and freeze some ice blocks to fill up the hungry tummies of your children.

Don’t forget to also pack card games and board games to ensure that there are fun ways to keep busy if your children get bored of the swings at the playground! 

  • Play Games at The Beach 

Aussie children absolutely love cooling down at the beach during hot and humid Summer days. Bring a cricket set to teach your children some Aussie cricket tricks or pack a bucket to build the sandcastle of your children’s dreams if you are less athletic!

Swimming and splashing in the cool waves at the beach will not only put a smile on your children’s faces but your face too.

However, remember to bring enough sunscreen and protective sun equipment, such as hats, to make sure that you are not dealing with the aftermath of spending all day in the blazing sun (sunburns are not a fun experience, especially if it involves the gentle skin of children). 

  • Bike Riding 

Parents, you will be happy to know that the wheels on the bike go round and round, round and round for free.

Take your abandoned bikes in your garage and brush off the dust and go for a ride on them with your children. Going for a ride on your bike around your neighbourhood or local park is a great and fun way to exercise.

If you don’t own a bike, don’t worry, as you can often hire bikes for a low cost at scenic attractions such as Sydney Olympic Park. That way, everyone can join in the fun without forking out lots of money to buy new bikes. 

  • Travel to A Magical Land at The Library 

Libraries are air-conditioned, well-furnished and best of all, often have absolutely no entry fee!

Take your children to your local library to read a fun, adventurous book together. Let your children pick from numerous classic fairy tales to travel to different magical settings.

Perhaps they want to fight werewolves under the moonlight, dance with Snow White and the Seven Dwarves or climb Jack’s tall, green beanstalk.

Libraries will also often have fun workshops for children that involve Storytime or arts and crafts for no cost whatsoever.

Reference: Entertainment Membership conducted the research of 5127 of its members to better understand their spending and saving habits and behaviors.

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