How to keep up the summer excitement when school holidays finish

How to keep up the summer excitement when school holidays finish

How to keep up the summer excitement when school holidays finish

Preparing the family for going back to school can be challenging, which is why leading swim school Kingswim is encouraging parents to enrol their children in swimming lessons to keep the excitement going throughout the year! 

Kingswim Area Manager and mother of four, Anne Brown, loves coming back after the summer holidays and listening to stories from children and parents at the centres. 

 “We often see a new-found confidence in children who put their skills from lessons into practice in different environments such as the ocean or rivers. They come back from summer holidays excited, confident and hungry to continue their lessons. So, they can develop their skills and spend a lifetime safely and confidently enjoying all that water has to offer.” she says.

Those warm first few months of the school year can test children’s patience and concentration levels, so jumping in the pool to cool off after school doubles as a great reward system! 

“Children get to enjoy the pool after school or homework with friends, in addition to learning essential safety skills in our lessons, from Baby Play to Graduate” she says. 

Kingswim’s tips on how to keep the excitement going after school holidays finish:

Keep up the water fun outside of lessons

During holidays, parents get to see firsthand the improvements in their child’s development and the hard work of lessons paying off, but don’t let the fun stop there!

“Ask your child’s swimming teacher what you can do at home or outside of lesson time to help progress their skills even further,” Anne says.

Provide your child’s swimming teacher with an update

“We love hearing your child’s achievements or areas they needed help with during their holidays,” Anne says. 

By providing your child’s swimming teacher with this information, they’ll be able to look out for certain signs, support and gently push your child where needed to help strengthen their skills. 

New year, new friends

Swimming classes introduce kids to a whole new social environment, creating the perfect opportunity to make friends within new social circles. 

This is both great for school aged children, to expand their social skills and friendships beyond the classroom and younger children, who will enter school with developed social skills and the confidence to make new friends in any environment.

A lifetime of fun

By the time your next summer holiday comes around, your child’s skills will have developed further, meaning your family may be able to begin exploring and enjoying other recreational, water-based activities such as surfing, snorkelling, canoeing and even white-water rafting.

However, Kingswim advises that while your child might be confident in their swimming level, when taking part in any water activities it’s still important to follow safety warnings and maintain parental supervision to ensure everyone stays safe and has a great time.

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