Escape to a Forest Cabin in Sydney – Unyoked

Escape to a Forest Cabin in Sydney – Unyoked

Escape to a Forest Cabin in Sydney - Unyoked

It’s about a two and a half hour drive from Sydney, heading south you’ll pass the iconic Sea Cliff Bridge, and less than half an hour’s drive from Kiama, you can enjoy the journey through the forest near Kiama. After turning onto the small road marked ‘unyoked’, keep to the right to avoid getting lost, though you might occasionally see many cute wild kangaroos!

Overall this cabin (Unyoked) is really fantastic! Waking up to see the sunrise, taking a stroll through the woods on a muddy path in the afternoon, cooking dinner ourselves, lying in the cabin, watching the stars and moon, smelling the scent of firewood, everything feels so magical!


There’s a small cart next to the parking spot. If you follow the signs with your luggage in the cart, you’ll reach the cabin in about ten minutes. It features a secluded, self-service check-in. We thought there might be a reception before arriving, but it turned out there wasn’t even a person in sight. The cabin is unlocked, with a guide for checking in and starting a fire on the table, and fully equipped with things like a refrigerator and pots, just bring your own food and drinks.

What we think

The nights in the cabin are truly peaceful and comfortable, enhanced by the warm yellow lighting, and a couple of drinks can be utterly soothing. Surrounded by tall trees, the privacy is pretty good too.

The pitch-dark night without a locked door can be a bit scary, so it’s not for the faint-hearted, and while there are small insects and animals around, it’s nothing too extreme and is bearable.

We must praise the network signal! We were really worried about spending a night completely disconnected from the internet due to the lack of WiFi, but surprisingly the signal was decent. We even snuggled up in bed and watched a movie before sleep, which was a perfect night activity!


  • Don’t go on a rainy day – If it rains heavily, you might not even be able to get into the cabin, and driving there could be impossible, not to mention walking on foot!
  • Download the map offline before you set off, just in case!
  • Wear comfortable shoes – The terrain around each cabin may vary, but you’ll mostly walk on grass. You can bring shoes for taking photos, but make sure to have comfortable ones!
  • Bring your food and seasonings – This is important: definitely bring seasonings and oil, don’t be lazy! They only provide utensils and a kettle, and the pots may not be suitable. You can also bring a gas stove if you want! Of course, you can choose to bring takeout, but there’s no microwave, and cooking or grilling your food on-site feels more delightful.
  • The toilet is not a flush toilet – For those who are particular about cleanliness, it might be a good idea to bring some air freshener or clean up before entering!

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