Dreamskape in Docklands is Now Open

Dreamskape in Docklands is Now Open

Dreamskape in Docklands is Now Open

Melbourne’s great place for kids, Dreamskape at Docklands, has just opened its holographic world. Dreamskape also offers a special opening deal of $48, which includes access to all games such as the 3D mini movies, 4 high-tech game rooms, 2 immersive spaces, and a children’s play area!

What we think

The 4 game rooms include 3D grid jumping, laser escape, and a squid game, each with levels that allow for upgrades or restarting. Each game involves activities like jumping, running, climbing, and concentrating on details, which can be quite engaging for kids but may be overwhelming with various lights for the parents!

However, the kids are extremely happy. On the other hand, the 2 immersive spaces are perfect for relaxation; the underwater world is great for photos, though the newly renovated space smells a bit of paint!

The kids play area has two large board games, wall-mounted games like soccer, and a small kiddie ball pool. The new ball pool is pretty clean and the kids immediately dive in, making it a lot of fun with other kids! It could get crowded with more people though.

We spent a total of 1.5 hours there; the kids didn’t want to leave!

Since it wasn’t crowded when we visited, we really enjoyed the experience here. Upon leaving, we received a small opening gift, a water cup each!

Overall, the experience was great without the crowds, suitable for kids over 5 due to the need for bouncing and following game instructions. A game room was still closed at the opening, and the claw machines weren’t set up yet; we’ll definitely consider another visit!

Location: Dreamskape is located next to the District Ferris Wheel at KFC upstairs. Just take the elevator up; there’s a nearby parking lot offering 90 minutes of free parking.

The District Docklands Level 1, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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