Cooking vs. Eating Out vs Food Delivery

Cooking vs. Eating Out vs Food Delivery

The determination between staying in to cook or eating out with friends is always problematic. As a university student, this issue is a personal daily perplexity.   

Eating out is always an attractive decision. The benefits are endless.

Why eat out?

It saves time preparing, cooking and cleaning up afterwards. There are always many varieties to choose from, so you can have different cuisines for every meal. If you cannot save up enough money to travel, this is one method to enjoy multiple cultures and heritage without travelling halfway across the world.

Eating out is expensive

Nonetheless going out for meals is an expensive choice. Each meal would cost at least $10 for you to feel full and have enough energy. Bearing in mind that Asian, European dishes would usually be pricier than $10.

Therefore, the money accumulated from eating out will go beyond your budget if you do not keep track of your expenditure.

Furthermore, restaurants tend to cook used oils, ingredients that may not be as fresh as buying yourself. So, the nutrition values could be lessened. 

Why food delivery services?

Considering ordering food through platforms such as UberEats, Deliveroo or Menulog, it provides a significant level of convenience. The applications would suggest food, beverages and snacks, so deciding what to eat is simplified.

The process of ordering is quick and perfect for introverts who prefer not socialising. When food is delivered, it remains hot, fresh and ready to eat. This service saves time. You can order (which takes around 5 to 10 minutes), do work and pick up the food without having to leave your station.

Food delivery service is more expensive than eating out

Notwithstanding, ordering would be more expensive than eating out. This is due to having to spend money on the food itself and the delivery, shipping fee (usually an extra $5 to $12). Also, the food would have the same nutrition values and cost as eating out. It is just more convenient and less time-consuming.

Why cook myself?

If you prefer to stay in, the biggest advantage is the money you are saving.  For example, a basic, quick and delicious Asian dinner would usually cost around $7 to $15 of groceries. This is fairly cheap, keeping in mind that this amount of food can last an individual at least two meals (dinner and leftovers can be for lunch).

Furthermore, cooking yourself is a method to relieve stress after a long day of work or studies. Also, you can cook to your taste and with the fresh ingredients, the flavours would be perfectly the way you desire.

Why many people don’t cook?

However, staying in would require you to buy groceries in advance, prepare (usually 30 minutes to 2 hours) and cleaning up afterwards. This is the reason which makes most people refuse to cook and just get microwavable food or order in.

This, too, applies to me. After a day at university, attending lectures and classes, I tend to be tired at the end of the day to cook for myself. So, I would just eat out or order from UberEats.

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