What is a Typical Primary School Day in Australia?
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What is a Typical Primary School Day in Australia?

What is a Typical Primary School Day in Australia?

Yesterday, we attended our child’s school’s student-led conference. Before going, we didn’t really have any concept of what it entailed. We expected my child to just give me a brief overview of what she had been learning, and we’d be done in 20 minutes. But upon arrival, we discovered that the daily life at school […]

Primary School Camp Packing Checklist

What do Australian primary school students bring for camping? In private schools, camping usually begins in the third grade, while in public schools, it’s mostly in the fifth grade. Our kid has has two camps this year, each typically lasting three days. It’s a great opportunity for exercise, being away from parents, living independently, packing […]

How to Choose a School for Your Child in Australia?

Although there are thousands of schools, there is always one suitable for you! According to statistics from recent years, taking popular study areas in Australia as an example, excluding special schools, there are nearly 2100 primary and secondary schools in Victoria, and there are nearly 2900 such schools in New South Wales. At this point, […]

Comprehensive Guide to Orientation Week

The Orientation Week at various Australian universities is the eagerly anticipated “treasure week” for every new student! During this week, you will experience a series of exciting events that will help you quickly integrate into this brand new environment. What is Orientation Week or O-Week? O-Week is the abbreviation for Orientation Week. Before the official […]

4-Day School Weeks – Things You Need To Know

Australia’s education system is on the brink of a transformation, bringing about a significant change to the long-standing education framework. For a long time, the 7-day week with weekends off has been a deeply ingrained habit, both in terms of work and study. However, several regions in Australia have announced the implementation of a new […]

How to get kids active during school holidays

Interview with Helen Halls, Kingswim Centre ManagerĀ  The growth and development of children are diverse, and the summer break is an opportunity for children to experience diversified growth. Ensuring that children have a summer holiday that is both joyful and meaningful involves a balance of learning, play, and the development of good habits. Why is […]

Celebrating School Achievements with Cakes: Ideas for Parents

Academic success in a child’s life is a milestone worth celebrating.  It marks their achievements and the hard work, dedication, and perseverance that led to those successes. Celebrating these moments with a cake adds a layer of joy and excitement, making the achievement even more memorable. The Importance of Celebrating Academic Success  Recognising and rewarding […]

How to Select High School Subjects? What You Should Consider?

In Australia, grades seven to twelve correspond to secondary school. Grades seven to nine constitute junior high school, while grades ten to twelve comprise senior high school. Grade twelve is a unique year because it’s the year when high school students prepare for graduation and take the high school graduation exam. The results of this […]

How to Enhance 6 Key Skills in Children Through Puzzle Play

Recently, we noticed that many parents find teaching puzzles quite challenging. Some even think that early puzzle-solving is merely a mechanical memory exercise for kids. My little kid started doing puzzles at eleven months, and now she can independently complete a 100-piece mermaid puzzle! Playing puzzles is a highly beneficial experience for children. It requires […]