Age and Gender and School Readiness
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Age and Gender and School Readiness

Age and Gender and School Readiness

“My son is born a couple of months prior to the cut off date for them to start school. I think I will give them a second year at kindy”. As a school principal I have heard these comments many times in my 20+ year career as a primary school principal. It has prompted me […]

How much should I pay a tutor for my child?

Are you thinking to hire a tutor for your child? There are many reasons to get your kids a tutor such as to make sure your kid doesn’t fall behind, to provide expert advice to ace their school entrance exams or to simply broaden your kid’s education. However, your will probably notice tutors’ rate varies […]

Get Your Kid to Talk about What Happened at School

Formula for TRUST and COLLABORATION – 3 + 3 + 3 + 5 + 2  When a child comes home from school and shares their recollection about something that has happened during the day, the parent has the choice of three responses from which they may choose in dealing with their child’s concern. If the […]

Starting School 2021

When parents are preparing their children to start school for the very first time, there are a few areas that parents can address to ensure: That the children feel comfortable with a set of life skills which will allow them to learn That the life skills will allow the teachers to concentrate on their core […]