How do I start a mummy blog?

How do I start a mummy blog?

How do I start a mummy blog?

Do you enjoy sharing your motherhood experiences with the others? Or do you love cooking and passionate about sharing your amazing recipes with your neighbour? If you answer is YES, maybe you should consider becoming a mummy blogger!

Becoming a mummy blogger is a great way to share your stories and give you the opportunities to connect with like minded mums from all over the world, you can even turn your mummy blog into a career if you are doing it right!

You might want to ask is it difficult to setup my mummy blog? Is it expensive to set one up? How much time do I need to put in this to make it a successful one? These questions are very common! First of all, you don’t need to be a digital savvy person, there are many free blogging platform you can set up your blog easily such as WordPress or Blogger. Once you have chosen your theme or template, you’re good to go!

Although setting up a blog is easy, you need to spend time to think about what do you want to write about! To do that, you need to do your own research, look at the things that you’d like to share or you’re good at, these will help you to find your niche! Some popular topics such as pregnancy, product reviews, travel with kids, cooking or general household tips. Once you have picked your topic, all you need to do is to pick a theme and name your blog!

It might seems fun at the start your very first blog, you will need to put in time and effort before you can see your blog generating any revenue. All successful blog requires great and regular content. You should aim to write at least a few posts per month to keep your blog fresh and up to date. You will also need to amplify your post by posting it on social media or sharing your article with others on forums or Facebook groups.

One of the best ways to grow your blog is to build your own followers. You can do that via creating a Facebook page or adding a subscribe function to your blog so that you can push out new content on media you owned. We understand it could be difficult to gain your first 50 or 100 followers. Some will consider tactics like buying social followers i.e. buy Tiktok likes. You will need to consider the pros and cons before you make the decision. Buying social media might help you to give your audience or advertiser a sense of popularity which might make things easier at the start but it has its downfall. Followers you buy might not be as engaged as your real fans! If they don’t engage with your posts, it means your engagement rate will be low. The best way to grow your followers is through creating great content, share it within your Facebook group. Don’t forget to reply to comments or invite people to like your page. If your content is great, people don’t mind following your blog!

Once you have built your followings and regular readership, you are in a good position to monetise your blog! There are many ways you can monetise a blog such as using Google Adsense, if you are writing about product reviews you can consider joining the Amazon affiliate program or you can register on influencer platforms to find brands who might be interested in working with you such as Tribe or Fiverr.

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