Rishi Khandelwal on Courses to consider post covid in Australia for International Students

Rishi Khandelwal on Courses to consider post covid in Australia for International Students

Rishi Khandelwal on Courses to consider post covid in Australia for International Students

Those international students, contemplating studying in Australia, might be wondering how the Covid Pandemic has affected the Australian economy and if there are any new opportunities out there. 

The rise of jobs in the manufacturing industry

If you are academically inclined, Rishi Khandelwal states engineering courses such as mechanical and civil engineering would be suitable because of the significant infrastructure commitment to manufacturing and producing in Australia and reducing dependence on foreign countries for imports. As Australia has so much of its natural sources it’s only a matter of time that it ups its game in the manufacturing sector creating more local jobs in the economy.

The need for Mental & Physical Health Professionals has been on the up

 Post covid era, mental health has gained weightage. Therefore Mental health and well-being also get priority in the medium term. In Rishi Khandelwal’s opinion, Nursing is also a safe bet considering the aging population of Australia and the demand for health care workers all over the globe. Social work is the next nursing wave for studious candidates. Next in line in terms of academic rigor is IT. As Australia prepares to boost its cyber security and technology sector, Rishi Khandelwal predicts that IT streams will continue to be in the skill occupation lists SOLs of most Australian states and territories. 

The growth of Hospitality Industry has led to an increase in the number of available jobs

If you don’t have an interest in studies there are some trade courses that can help you as well. Rishi Khandelwal believes that the lack of working holiday visa makers arrival in the last couple of years has left a type of shortage as there were certain types of roles they filled. For example, in the building and construction sector, you have carpentry which is open for international students. The carpentry course in Australia is also the gateway to a builders license and with Australia’s booming building and construction sector skilled carpenters will continue to be in demand in the near future.  According to Rishi Khandelwal, the hospitality sector is also one that has suffered a major setback due to the lack of working holiday visa makers in Australia. Expect Chef, hospitality, and cookery courses to lead to pathways. 

The Automotive sector isn’t far behind when it comes to providing employment opportunities 

The automotive sector is another trading course that international students can choose for a future pathway as a technician. Many of these trade courses require a job-ready program, in which candidates learn and apply their real-world industry skills in a restaurant or a motor mechanic workshop. 

So which course is best for you? Rishi Khandelwal says that ultimately it will come down to your interests, capabilities, and future ambition.  Many academic courses listed at the beginning of the article will require a high IELTS or another English test score.  The entry point can be Band 7 each or higher. Financial costs are also a factor as Rishi Khandelwal reminds students that university degree costs will be higher than Diploma trade courses. 

Do all the courses mentioned above have bright career prospects – Yes. Rishi Khandelwal sums up that there are employers for all the above courses both in the private and public sector, with many employers even willing to sponsor the right candidates to lock in a period of commitment for their business. According to Rishi, the bottom line is there is still demand for these workers and you will notice that these trends might as well become global. 

The final word of advice from Rishi Khandelwal is to both choose your course and university/college carefully as it is a significant investment in your career. Many students have struggled and jumped from one course to another as they have been misguided or the streams have changed.  Please conduct your own research / due diligence and review your personal situation to decide what’s best for you. Rishi feels that speaking to or getting in touch with students who have completed these courses recently in Australia and where they are standing now in their career will give you a guide of where you can be.

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